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Don Keith as part of tribute to legendary broadcaster Joe Rumore

The co-author of Don Keith's book, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, David Rocco, recently gave a presentation on the book and the WWII hero it is about, Commodore Dixie Kiefer. The presentation took place at the Coronado Public Library in San Diego, California.

To see the video of the presentation, CLICK HERE.

George Wallace, co-author with Don Keith of THE HUNTER KILLER SERIES of submarine/Navy SEAL thriller novels, was recently featured in an interview on the VeteranCrowd Network. The network is devoted to assisting those men and women who have served their country through military service. In the interview, Wallace talks about the writing process, the experience of having been interviewed by Admiral Hyman Rickover (the "father of the nuclear Navy"), and how it was to work with Hollywood on the production of the movie HUNTER KILLER, based on Wallace's and Keith's book FIRING POINT.

Watch the interview HERE.

History News Network publishes article by author Don Keith. The article deals with a true unknown hero of World War II, Commodore Dixie Kiefer. Kiefer is the subject of the book by Don Keith and co-author David Rocco titled THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN. The book has recently been re-issued by Stackpole Press and is available wherever books are sold.


To read the History News Network article by Don Keith, click HERE.

To learn more about Dixie Kiefer, Yorktown, Ticonderoga and more, click HERE.



The new, updated edition of Don Keith's book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN has been featured on a New York historical web site. The new hardback edition of the story of Commodore Dixie Kiefer, one of the unknown heroes of World War II, releases on April 1, 2021. It has been re-issued by Stackpole Press and features updates by authors Don Keith and David Rocco. To see the article on the New York Almanack site and learn more about not only Kiefer but the other Navy men who ultimately lost their life on New York's Mount Beacon only two months after the war ended, click HERE.

For more on the book,as well on other books by prolific author Don Keith visit HERE.

The new edition of THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN is available in hardback and e-book editions wherever books are sold

The acclaimed documentary film COLORS OF CHARACTER, the Steve Skipper story, has just been released on DVD. The film tells the story of a young African American painter who dreamed of a career as an artist. However, racism, family strife, and other factors left him frustrated and disillusioned. As a teenager, he turned to the street gang the Crips and was headed in a dangerous direction. But almost on a dare, he attended a church service and his life was not only changed forever but likely saved that night. 

Today, Steve Skipper is recognized as one of the top untrained artists. His inspirational paintings, portraits and action paintings of top athletes, civil rights commemorative works hang in the homes of collectors, museums, galleries and more across the country.

COLORS OF CHARACTER was produced by Fig Tree Media Group and is a theatrical-length documentary movie. One of the principals in Fig Tree is Don Keith, a prolific author who wrote the book DREAM ON on which the film is based. Keith wrote and produced the film, which was directed by Chris Danielson. Warren Callaway was director of photography.

To learn more about the movie or to purchase a copy of this theatrical-length documentary film, click HERE.

Don Keith produced and written documentary film COLORS OF CHARACTER coming to Apple TV and DVD. The movie about black artist Steve Skipper will be available to AppleTV subscribers on March 2. The film will also be released on DVD in mid-March. 

For more, including to watch the documentary's trailer, click HERE

Don Keith's documentary film COLORS OF CHARACTER has been named as one of the "Top Ten Redemptive Films of 2020" by Church Tech Today. This is high honor indeed since the powerful movie is joined on the list by a film starring Tom Hanks and another produced by the Erwin Brothers ("I Can Only Imagine," "Woodlawn," "October Baby"). The movie was produced by Fig Tree Media Group. Author Don Keith is president of the company and served as writer and producer on the project. The story is based on Don's biography of prolific artist Steve Skipper, titled DREAM ON.

The film is available for streaming any time through January 31, 2020, and is also available for screening by churches anywhere in the no cost to the church! In fact, the church can share in revenue from tickets purchased for viewing at their facility. See the top ten list article HERE and learn more the movie, see the trailer, and see how you can stream the movie at home or through a church facility HERE.

Don Keith's book MATTIE C's BOY makes list of top books recommended for holiday shopping. The true remarkable biography of Shelley Stewart tells the story of a young man who faced terrible challenges to become a top radio personality and successful businessman. MATTIE C's BOY was named to a list of top books about Alabama and people from the state as named by independent booksellers and featured in an article on the web site

Learn more about the book MATTIE C's BOY by clicking HERE

Read the article from HERE

Don Keith's COLORS OF CHARACTER documentary film available as special streaming video on demand event. The critically-praised movie, fresh off a limited theatrical run, will now be available for viewing anywhere on the planet. This begins with a live streaming event, beginning at 8 PM local time in all areas on Friday, December 11. Those who purchase tickets for that event will also have access to stream the movie as often as they desire through January 31, 2021.

For more information, to purchase access, and to see the synopsis and trailer for the film, click HERE.

The movie tells the story of Steve Skipper, who overcame family strife, racism, drugs and the gang lifestyle to become one of our most honored artists. Critics have note how the movie is especially timely and should be seen by as many people as possible during these troubled times.

The film is based on Don Keith's book, DREAM ON, which is available wherever books are sold.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Steve Skipper and the book DREAM ON.

Author Don Keith guests on the "Practical Prepper" podcast, discussing the hobby of amateur (ham) radio, his books and movies, and more. Keith is an active ham radio enthusiast (call sign N4KC) and has written extensively on the hobby, including many articles on his amateur radio website.


To listen to the "Practical Prepper" podcast, click HERE

To learn more about Don Keith's books and articles about ham radio, click HERE

To learn more about Don Keith's books and movies, visit HERE

Don Keith co-author David Rocco interviewed for "This is Why We Stand" program about WWII hero Dixie Kiefer and the Mt. Beacon 8. Keith and Rocco did the book about Kiefer, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, who received the nickname "Indestructible Man" from the Secretary of War. Kiefer was Executive officer on the USS Yorktown at both the Battle of the Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway, then the captain of the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga. The latter ship survived a vicious Japanese kamikaze attack, thanks in part to some amazing efforts by Kiefer, even though he was critically wounded.

Rocco recently led a special commemorative ceremony near the site of the crash in Fishkill, New York.

See Rocco's interview HERE

Stackpole Press will release a new edition of the book in April 2021, but the book is still available in paperback as well as e-book editions HERE 


Cover for the upcoming updated edition of THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN from Stackpole Press.

Don Keith and Steve Skipper to be guests on the "Rick and Bubba University" podcast. The show will be available on Saturday, November 14, discussing the new movie COLORS OF CHARACTER. The film, based on Skipper's amazing life story, debuts in theaters nationwide on November 11. It is based on the biography, DREAM ON, written by Keith. For more on the movie, to see the film trailer, or to purchase tickets to a showing near you, click HERE

To WATCH the podcast free on YouTube, visit HERE 

To learn more about Skipper and the documentary, visit HERE.

The show is also available on BlazeTV and other outlets.



The upcoming theatrical-length documentary film, COLORS OF CHARACTER, tells the extraordinary and uplifting true story of prolific and highly honored artist Steve Skipper. With no formal training, Skipper has broken down walls of racism in the world of fine art. God radically changed Skipper when, as a teenager, he was a member of a notorious street gang, the Crips. Focused on his new-found faith and his talent for painting, Skipper faithfully seized opportunities that only God could have provided. Freed from the drug and gang lifestyle, he quickly began gaining recognition for his Christian and sports paintings, praised for his meticulous artistic style of super-realism. Along the way, he was able to overcome prejudice, family issues, drugs, the gang lifestyle, and injury to become one of the most successful artists of our time. His works now hang in museums, halls of fame, and homes of collectors all over the world. He is the only artist officially recognized by the University of Alabama and has created commemorative works for each of the team’s national football championships.

Now, Skipper is continuing his journey, painting the stories of the pioneers of the Civil Rights movement, including celebrating the pilgrimage of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to Bimini, Bahamas, where he wrote his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Skipper was commissioned to do paintings for the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights movement in Birmingham and for the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma. He is also focused on formal commissions from the Bart Starr family, legendary college coach Bobby Bowden, and Ambassador Andrew J. Young.


The movie COLORS OF CHARACTER will debut nationwide during a special theatrical event on November 11, 12, 14 and 15, 2020. For theaters and screening times, to see the film trailer, or to get more information, visit


The film was produced by Fig Tree Media Group and is based on Steve Skipper's biography, DREAM ON, written by author Don Keith. Keith also wrote the movie and served as one of its producers. In addition to telling this powerful personal story of redemption, COLORS OF CHARACTER also features interviews with key people in Steve’s remarkable life, including sports figures, faith leaders, and civil rights icons.

Books by best-selling author Don Keith featured on video wiki. The article and video includes Keith among its top authors who write on military history non-fiction topics. The article includes several of Don Keith's books including UNDERSEA WARRIOR, FINAL PATROL, THE SHIP THAT WOULDN'T DIE and more. Also featured in the site's video are the submarine thrillers written by Keith and co-author George Wallace, including HUNTER KILLER and FAST ATTACK.

To see the wiki page and watch the video about Don Keith and other authors of military history non-fiction, visit the site HERE.

Happy Easter to all of you. And since so many of you are stuck at home, why not read a good book? It doesn't even have to be one of mine. You can download it directly to any device or a nice person will bring it right to your door. You could even check with your local independent or chain bookstore and see if they are accomodating customers in some way. When you buy a book, you never know what kind of prize might be waiting for you inside that "Easter egg!"

Happy Easter from Don Keith

Don Keith, who is also an active amateur radio operator with the call sign N4KC, recently spoke via Skype to a very active amateur radio club in Central Mississippi. The topic was the lingo of a hobby that has been around for more than 100 years and how that lingo may be keeping others from joining and enjoying the pursuit. The talk also discussed other impediments to those interested in becoming an amateur radio operator.

CLICK HERE to see and hear Don's presentation.

INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN featured in Naval Academy publication. The inspirational story of Commodore Dixie Kiefer, a true pioneer in naval aviation and the subject of the book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN by Don Keith with David Rocco, is a feature article in the June 2019 edition of SHIPMATE. The magazine is published by the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Kiefer was a graduate of the Academy.

Ts read the article, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN book, CLICK HERE.

Don Keith co-author David Rocco receives photography prize. Rocco was awarded the Larry Salley Photography Award by the ArtsWestchester group. See the full story HERE. Rocco is co-author on Don Keith's book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN.












Author Don Keith interview featured on popular podcast from United Kingdom. The featured interview is on the ICQ Podcast and talks about Don's interest in and books about the hobby of Amateur Radio. But Don also talks about the movie Hunter Killer, which was based on the novel he co-wrote and much more.

See a video of the interview HERE.

Hear the entire podcast HERE.



Hunter Killer movie director interviewed by The interview coincides with the release of the DVD, Blu-ray and digital video versions of the film, which is based on the novel by Don Keith and George Wallace. 


Read the interview HERE

Learn more about the movie, book and DVD HERE







HUNTER KILLER among top ten films critics panned but moviegoers loved. The CinemaBlend website included the movie among others, like FANTASTIC BEASTS, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, and GLASS, that were not critic favorites but that received very high scores from people who actually paid to go see them. HUNTER KILLER is based on the book by Don Keith and former nuclear submarine skipper George Wallace and stars Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common and Linda Cardellini. The DVD versions of the film will be released at the end of January and the film will be available through on-demand outlets early in February.



Read the article on CinemaBlend web site  HERE.

Learn more about the movie Hunter Killer HERE

See more on the book Hunter Killer HERE






Clips from features that will be on the upcoming DVD release of the movie HUNTER KILLER now available. The movie was in theaters last year and is based on the novel by Don Keith and George Wallace. The DVD will be released as a regular DVD, an UltraHD/4K DVD, and more. 

To see more and order the DVD, click HERE.

To see a clip from the featurette, click to the web site HERE.




To learn more about the movie HUNTER KILLER and the DVD release, click HERE.






To learn more about the novel HUNTER KILLER, click HERE.












U.S. Naval Submarine Base New London includes Don Keith visit among top events of 2018. The naval base and home of the force's submarine school listed top events there in the year just past in an article on its base web site, The Dolphin. Don Keith was there as part of the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the loss of USS Wahoo and her crew in World War II. Don wrote a book about Wahoo and its innovative skipper Commander Dudley "Mush" Morton, titled Undersea Warrior.

Read the article HERE.

To learn more about the book UNDERSEA WARRIOR, click HERE.


HUNTER KILLER named among top nine war movies of 2018. The web site "We are the Mighty" named the film among its top picks for the year. The movie Hunter Killer is based on the book by Don Keith and former nuclear submarine skipper George Wallace. The book was originally titled Firing Point but was reissued by the publisher under the Hunter Killer title to coincide with the movie's release.

To see the web site's list of top war movies, click HERE.

To learn more about the book Firing Point/Hunter Killer, click HERE.




Don Keith Christmas article published in American Legion Magazine. The article about a big broadcast in 1943 that attempted to unite the nation at the height of World War II is featured in the organization's December 2018 issue. It tells the story of how all four radio networks at the time simulcast a Christmas Eve studio program hosted by Bob Hope and attempted to bring in the voices of servicemen from around the world using shortwave radio. The program, which also included a segment from President Franklin Roosevelt, was an effort to bring a bit of holiday cheer to a war-torn nation and likely had one of the largest audiences for a radio broadcast in history.

Read the article HERE.


HUNTER KILLER movie featured on web site. The short video shows star Gerard Butler and director Donovan Marsh touring the USS Hartford submarine in Groton, Connecticut, the home of the Navy's submarine school. The two were there for an exclusive screening of the film for actual submariners before it was released in theaters on October 26. HUNTER KILLER is based on the book by Don Keith and George Wallace.

See the entire feature by clicking HERE.

To learn more about the book HUNTER KILLER (previously released as FIRING POINT) by Don Keith and George Wallace, click HERE.










INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN co-author, subjects featured in New York media. Don Keith's co-author on the non-fiction World War II book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, David Rocco, has recently been involved in activities gaining recognition for The Mt. Beacon Eight, two groups of Navy fliers who lost their lives in accidents on New York State's Mt. Beacon. Among them was Commodore Dixie Kiefer, a true but not well known hero of WWII.

Read an article from the Associated Press about David Rocco and the recent memorial service for the group HERE.

Hear a podcast in which Rocco talks about his and a local group's efforts to recognize these lost men as well as more about Dixie Kiefer HERE. (Rocco appears in segment 5 of the podcast.)

Read an article about the events as reported by The Poughkeepsie Journal HERE.





For more on the book about the events David Rocco is helping commemorate here, and a moving biography of Dixie Kiefer, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, click HERE.



American Military News features article on Hunter Killer movie, based on Don Keith book. The article is the result of on an interview with Don Keith and co-author George Wallace and talks about what the authors thought about the film and how Hollywood treated their work.

To read the article, click HERE.

To learn more about the book HUNTER KILLER (previously published as FIRING POINT), click HERE.


Don Keith co-author David Rocco to talk about THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN on national radio. Rocco will be a guest on "The John Batchelor Show" on New York City's WABC Radio as well on a national network of radio stations that covers most of the country. The book tells the true story of World War II hero Commodore Dixie Kiefer, the executive officer on USS Yorktown at the battles in the Coral Sea and at Midway, then captain of USS Ticonderoga when she was hit by two Japanese kamikaze aircraft.  The interview is scheduled to air at 9:45 PM EDST on Thursday, November 1.

To listen to the show live, click HERE.

To listen to a recording of the appearance, click HERE.






INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN book featured on American Legion website. The book, written by Don Keith with David Rocco, tells the true story of an mostly unknown hero of World War II, Dixie Kiefer. The book has been previously featured as a "Must Read Book" by The New York Post and in a feature story in The New York Times.  

To read the article on the web site, click HERE.

THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN is available wherever books are sold.  To learn more about the book, click HERE.











Author Don Keith featured on local NPR station, WBHM. The interview aired several times on the station during the morning news segment and "Morning Edition."  To hear the interview, click HERE.

Don is talking about a book he co-wrote with former submarine commander George Wallace, "Firing Point," which was the basis for the new movie "Hunter Killer," starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, and Linda Cardellini. The film is now in theaters nationwide and in many foreign territories.

For more on the movie "Hunter Killer," click HERE.

For more on the book "Hunter Killer," click HERE.




























Author Don Keith makes radio appearances in support of film and book HUNTER KILLER. Keith appeared on NewsTalk 105.5 WERC in Birmingham, Alabama, during the station's morning news program. Keith talked about the movie, which opens nationwide only in theaters on October 26, and the book on which the film is based, co-written with George Wallace, and now re-issued under the same title as the film.

Keith also recently appeared on WBHM 90.3 FM, public radio for Central Alabama. He was interviewed by Andrew Yeager, the morning host on the NPR affiliate.



Don Keith to appear on Rick and Bubba Show syndicated radio program. Keith's appearance will be between 6:30 and 7:30 AM CDST on Friday, October 26. He will be talking about the movie HUNTER KILLER and his book on which the film is based, now reissued under the title HUNTER KILLER and available wherever books are sold.  The film opens nationwide only in theaters on October 26.

To learn more about the Rick and Bubba show, click HERE.

To learn more about the book HUNTER KILLER, click HERE.


To learn more about the movie HUNTER KILLER, click HERE.






HUNTER KILLER movie screened at home of U.S. Navy's submarine school. The film, based on the novel FIRING POINT by Don Keith and George Wallace (now reissued under the title HUNTER KILLER), stars Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman and Common and is directed by Donovan Marsh. Reaction from the submarine sailors at Submarine Base New London and the sub school was very positive. 

Read an article about the event HERE.

The film opens in theaters everywhere on October 26.

For more on the book on which the movie is based, or to read a sample or purchase a copy, visit HERE.


Left: Gerard Butler, at Submarine Base New London in Connecticut, visits with sailors and officers of the sub USS Hartford. He is welcomed by the ship's captain, Commander Matt Fanning.




British submariners give thumbs-up to new movie based on Don Keith's book Hunter Killer. The film's distributor, Lionsgate, arranged for a special screening of the film for personnel at the primary submarine base for Great Britain's navy. An article on the service's web site reports they were enthusiastic about how the submarine service was portrayed and with the accuracy of the film. One of the film's stars, Gerard Butler, even recorded a special message to the submariners, telling them how much he admired what they did and how honored he was to portray a captain in a submarine.

Read the article HERE.

The film is based on the novel FIRING POINT, by Don Keith and former sub skipper George Wallace. The book has now been reissued under the title HUNTER KILLER and features cover art from the film.

Read more about the book including an excerpt and links to purchase a copy, HERE.





Gerard Butler at Pentagon for special screening of HUNTER KILLER and news conference. The film was shown to top Navy brass, who cooperated with the production company throughout the filming of the movie, based on the novel by Don Keith and Gerard Butler. The Department of Defense featured Butler and movie in an article on their web site.

Read the article HERE.











Wahoo commemoration event featured in Connecticut newspaper. The article in THE DAY tells of the ceremony honoring USS Wahoo on the 75th anniversary of the submarine's loss during World War II. Among those taking part in the two days of activities was author Don Keith, who wrote a book about the submarine and her iconic skipper Dudley "Mush" Morton. The book is titled UNDERSEA WARRIOR.

Read the article and see pictures of the ceremony HERE.













Star Gerard Butler busy promoting HUNTER KILLER movie, based on book by Don Keith and George Wallace. Butler has been busy in Europe and the Mideast ahead of the film's opening in those areas on October 19 (HUNTER KILLER opens in the U.S. and other territories only in theaters on October 26.) The film is based on the novel FIRING POINT, now re-issued under the title HUNTER KILLER and featuring cover art from the movie. 

See examples of the press Butler and the action-thriller movie is getting so far:

Gerard Butler was scheduled to appear at a screening in Saudi Arabia but has canceled due to the disappearance of a journalist. Read the CNN story on why Butler decided not to go there by clicking HERE.

Butler discusses his sadness at the death of actor Michael Nyqvist, whose last film role was as a Russian nuclear submarine captain in HUNTER KILLER. Read the Scottish Sun article HERE.

Gerard Butler has told European and Far East media that he is convinced HUNTER KILLER will revive the submarine-thriller genre. See his comments and more in this article from an Indian newspaper by clicking HERE.

Butler has also been reaping press in the USA, such as this article on the Hollywood Outbreak web site. See it HERE.

The world premiere of the film will be aboard the USS Intrepid museum aircraft carrier in New York City on October 22. Butler will also attend a special screening of the film at the Naval Submarine School and at the Navy Submarine Base-New London as well at other military facilities around the country. The Navy cooperated with the movie's producers, allowing some scenes to be shot of actual submarines and providing technical advisors on the set during production to assure accuracy.



Movie HUNTER KILLER featured on British TV network web site. The TIMES NOW web site story can be seen HERE. The movie's star, Gerard Butler says he believes the film, based on the book by Don Keith and George Wallace, will revive the submarine thriller genre. The book will be re-issued under the title HUNTER KILLER and the new cover will feature art from the film.

HUNTER KILLER debuts in theater in the United States on October 26.







Don Keith book FINAL PATROL featured in former submariner's blog. Michael Bircumshaw is the national editor of AMERICAN SUBMARINER, and he had nice things to say in his blog about FINAL PATROL. The book deals with the seventeen World War II submarines that are open to the public as museum ships (sixteen U.S. subs and one German U-boat).

Read Bircumshaw's blog post HERE.

Learn more about FINAL PATROL HERE.







Don Keith participation in commemoration event featured in submarine base web site. Don will be speaking and signing copies of his book UNDERSEA WARRIOR during special commemoration events October 10 and 11 at the U.S. Navy Submarine School and Base at Groton, CT. The events are for the 75th anniversary of the loss of USS Wahoo and her crew, including her legendary skipper Dudley "Mush" Morton, during World War II. Keith wrote about the sub and her captain in his book.

For more on the activities, see THE DOLPHIN web site by clicking HERE.

To learn more about the Morton biography UNDERSEA WARRIOR by Don Keith, click . HERE.





Studio releases new video about the making of the movie Hunter Killer, based on Don Keith's book Firing Point. The video deals with the realism and authenticity--achieved with generous support from the U.S. Navy and submarine experts--incorporated in the script and especially the sets built for production of this highly anticipated motion picture. 

See the video HERE.

Learn more about Hunter Killer HERE.

See more about the book FIRING POINT (soon to be reissued under the title Hunter Killer) by Don Keith and former nuclear submarine skipper George Wallace HERE.













Gerard Butler sound bites released, talking about the movie Hunter Killer. Butler discusses what drew him to the story, which is based on the book by Don Keith and former nuclear submarine commander George Wallace. The book was originally titled "Firing Point" but is being reissued under the title "Hunter Killer" and with cover art from the motion picture.


See Gerard Butler's comments HERE.

Learn more about the film HERE.

Read about the book "Firing Point" HERE.

To pre-order your copy of the re-issued book "Hunter Killer," click HERE.











(Cover of the newly re-issued book HUNTER KILLER,

which was originally published under the title FIRING POINT,

by Don Keith and George Wallace. The new edition features

cover art from the film HUNTER KILLER, starring Gerard

Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, and Linda Cardellini, in theaters

only beginning October 26, 2018.)











Interview with Hunter Killer director Donovan Marsh posted. An interview with the director of the movie "Hunter Killer,' based on the novel "Firing Point" by Don Keith and George Wallace, has been posted on-line. Marsh talks about the storylines in the film and his quest to make the story and settings authentic.  

See the interview HERE.










Author and amateur radio operator Don Keith featured on ham radio club web site. Writer Don Keith is also a licensed amateur radio operator, holding the call sign N4KC. He was recently featured on the web site of the Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club, an organization that annually presents its get-together for area amateurs and those interested in the hobby on October 20, 2018. The event runs from 8 AM until 2 PM at Camp Jordan Arena in East Ridge, Tennessee. Don typically attends but will not be able to be there this year. Several of his amateur radio books will be offered as door prizes, however.

See the feature article about Don Keith HERE.

Learn more about the Chattanooga, Tennessee, Hamfest and Tennessee State Convention HERE.

Learn more about Don Keith's ham radio books and the hobby of amateur radio HERE.







Don Keith co-author David Rocco featured in two interview programs, talking about THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN and World War II hero Commodore Dixie Kiefer as well as other historic preservation in which he is involved. You can hear David's appearance on the Hudson River Radio program "Let's Talk History" HERE. Choose the program for September 26, 2018.

David Rocco also appeared on "The Community Show," which runs on local cable systems in the Hudson River Valley in New York. See David's interview HERE.

Learn more about the story of World War II aircraft carrier captain Dixie Kiefer HERE.











Don Keith co-author David Rocco featured in historical podcast. Rocco, who co-wrote the book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN with Don Keith, was recently interviewed on the "Why We Stand" podcast. Rocco talked about the eight Navy men who have died on New York State's Mt. Beacon in plane crashes, including Commodore Dixie Kiefer. Kiefer was a hero of the Battle of the Coral Sea and Battle of Midway as executive officer on the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown and later was captain of another carrier, the Ticonderoga, when the ship came under vicious attack by Japanese kamikaze aircraft. Kiefer, though seriously wounded, remained on the bridge, in command, until he was satisfied he and his crew had saved the ship and that all his wounded crewmembers had been cared for.

In the interview, Rocco tells how he first became interested in the subject and how the book came to be written and published. The podcast may be accessed via iTunes or on the web site. Click HERE to listen (Rocco's interview begins at the 31-minute mark of the cast).














New poster released in support of the HUNTER KILLER movie, coming only in theaters October 26, 2018. The poster features two of the film's stars, Gerard Butler and Academy Award winner Gary Oldman. HUNTER KILLER is based on the novel FIRING POINT by Don Keith and former nuclear submarine captain George Wallace. To learn more about theHUNTER KILLER movie, visit

Final movie trailer for the HUNTER KILLER film, based on Don Keith's book FIRING POINT has been released. Lionsgate/Summit released the new trailer on September 13. Watch the new trailer for #HunterKiller now and see it only in theaters October 26! You may also watch it on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Don Keith co-author George Wallace featured in web site article. The article and video interview with Wallace is on the Military Officers Association web site. Keith and Wallace have written three thrillers together, including Firing Point. The novel will soon be a major motion picture titled Hunter Killer.  In the interview, George Wallace discusses what it feels like to see characters and descriptions he helped create show up on the big screen. He also gives suggestions to others interested in writing. See the interview here, read the book anytime you want to, and see the movie starting October 26, 2018, in theaters everywhere.


New UK poster for HUNTER KILLER movie-based on Don Keith's book FIRING POINT-released. And the poster features Brit stars Gerard Butler (Scotland) and Gary Oldman (England). Both have featured roles in the movie, which premieres in the UK on October 19 and in the USA on October 26, 2018. The book, FIRING POINT, was co-written by Don Keith and former nuclear submarine skipper George Wallace and is being re-issued under the movie title, HUNTER KILLER, by Signet, an imprint of Penguin.

One of the stars of HUNTER KILLER, based on the novel FIRING POINT by Don Keith and George Wallace, signs multimedia deal with Lionsgate. The rapper, actor and producer Common has entered into an agreement with the major production and distribution company--which will also distribute the film HUNTER KILLER--primarily for developing television content. Common is an Academy Award winner for writing the theme song for the film SELMA.  Read the article HERE.

Actor in film based on Don Keith novel FIRING POINT featured in newspaper article. Actor Kieron Bimpson has a role in the movie HUNTER KILLER, which was written by Don Keith and George Wallace. The article tells of his experiences on the set of the film with stars Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman. Read the article HERE.

Learn more about the submarine thriller FIRING POINT/HUNTER KILLER by clicking HERE. See the trailer for HUNTER KILLER HERE.



Actor Kieron Bimpson, who plays a young submariner in the upcoming film HUNTER KILLER, based on the novel FIRING POINT by Don Keith and former submarine skipper George Wallace.

NAVY TIMES finds much to like in new movie HUNTER KILLER, based on Don Keith's FIRING POINT novel. The article, based only on its author having seen the film's trailer, suggests that the movie will be "the next Navy blockbuster, one that looks like the lovechild of “Fast and Furious” and “Hunt for Red October,”

Read the article and see the trailer for HUNTER KILLER HERE.












Don Keith to be a guest on "The Phil Valentine Show" on Westwood One Network. The national talk show will host Don on Friday, August 3, 2018, at 2:35 PM CDST and talk about his book "Firing Point" and the upcoming movie based on the book, "Hunter Killer," among other topics.


Movie trailer and new images released for the film HUNTER KILLER based on book by Don Keith and George Wallace. Lionsgate and Millennium Media have released the first trailer for the upcoming film (October 26, 2018) HUNTER KILLER, based on the thriller novel FIRING POINT by Don Keith and former submarine skipper George Wallace.

See the trailer HERE.

The images below show stars Gerard Butler, Academy Award winners Gary Oldman and Common, and the late Michael Nyqvist as well as the initial poster for the film.

















































First images available from movie HUNTER KILLER, based on book FIRING POINT by Don Keith and George Wallace. The first pictures from the film have been made available.  The trailer is expected to be released shortly.













THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN featured in New York newspaper. The July 11, 2018 edition of "The Putnam Press" in Putnam County, NY, featured an article about the WWII story of Commodore Dixie Kiefer. The book was written by Don Keith with David Rocco.  The article was written by Tom Maxson and can be seen for a limited time HERE.  Look for it on page 5.

Maxson termed Keith's and Rocco's book an "amazing and horribly ironic story."

Maxson notes, "The remarkable story of 'the indestructible man,' as coined by U.S. Navy Secretary and Beacon, NY, native James V. Forrestal has recetly been brought to life by co-authors David Rocco and Don Keith."

To see more about the book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN or to purchase a copy, click HERE.




Author Don Keith featured in Mobile, Alabama, news report on World War II submarine documentary. WKRG-TV News 5 did a story this week about a documentary filmaker who is doing a movie on the museum WWII submarine USS Batfish in Muscogee, Oklahoma.  The filmaker was in Mobile, Alabama, to interview writer Don Keith because Keith wrote a book about Batfish, IN THE COURSE OF DUTY.  Keith has also done a book--FINAL PATROL--about the 17 World War II museum submarines that are open to the public around the country.  The story was especially appropriate since May is National Historic Preservation Month.

View the WKRG news story HERE.  Learn more about books by Don Keith, including his numerous submarine and WWII books HERE.




Release date announced for movie HUNTER KILLER, based on novel by Don Keith and George Wallace. According to Variety, the studio that has made the film has placed distribution with Lionsgate and the movie will be in wide release starting on October 26, 2018. The film stars Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman, who just won the Academy Award as "Best Actor" for his portrayal of Sir Winston Churchill in the film THE DARKEST HOURS. Also in the movie is Common, also an Academy Award winner for composing the song "Selma" two years ago for that movie..See the story in Variety HERE.

Co-author David Rocco interviewed on TV about THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, the story of unsung WWII hero Dixie Kiefer. You can see the interview HERE.  David also talks about his other many accomplishments in the area around Poughkeepsie and Mount Beacon, New York. 














The subject of Don Keith's biographical work DREAM ON: A JOURNEY TO DELIVERANCE to receive award. Steve Skipper, a talented and award-winning artist, has been designated to receive an award in connection with the commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King's death. Steve was commissioned by the government of The Bahamas to do a painting to celebrate Dr. King's visit to Bimini in The Bahamas in 1968, where he composed the famous "I've been to the mountaintop" speech, delivered the night before his assassination. See more about Steve Skipper and this most recent honor HERE.

Learn more about Steve and his biography HERE.

Article about author Don Keith runs in B-Metro Magazine. The article by Jeff Rease also includes photography by Rease. The magazine is available on newstands around Birmingham and Central Alabama or click HERE to read it.


Interview with author Don Keith featured on "Interview Room," a blog for writers. The interview by blogger Spencer Coffman is available HERE.

Don Keith co-author David Rocco appears on The Historians podcast and WMHT Radio. WWII hero Dixie Kiefer and his amazing story are the subject of the current interview on The Historians, a popular podcast that deals with historical personalities and events around the world. Don Keith and David Rocco wrote the book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN about Commodore Kiefer's amazing story. This week, Rocco is interviewed by podcast host Bob Cudmore.  To hear the program, click HERE.

The interview will also air on WHMT Radio, the NPR station in Albany, New York, the station's web site, and on the New York History blog.


Don Keith co-author unveils new painting in The Bahamas. The subject of the book DREAM ON and Don Keith co-author Steve Skipper recently unveiled his latest stirring work of art, "Genius at Work," on the island of Bimini in The Bahamas. Steve had been commissioned by the Bahamian government to do the painting to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous "I've been to the mountaintop" speech. King wrote that speech while spending time in Bimini and then delivered it the night before he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee.

Steve Skipper has done several paintings dealing with the human rights struggle, and especially as events played out in his hometown of Birmingham and home state of Alabama. He is also well known for his sports paintings--and especially featuring Alabama Crimson Tide subjects--and stirring Christian art.

Read the article about the unveiling of the painting HERE.

Below: the official unveiling of Steve Skipper's painting. Left to right: Former NFL and University of Alabama football star Bob Baumhower, Bahamian Parliamentary Secretary Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, Skipper, and former United Nations Ambassador and civil rights icon Andrew Young.

















Learn more about Steve Skipper and the inspiring story of his life, DREAM ON, by clickingHERE.



Don Keith co-author George Wallace interviewed about writing submarine fiction. Don Keith has written and published three books with former nuclear submarine skipper George Wallace. Commander Wallace was recently interviewed by the Defense and Aerospace news service. See the interview HERE.

The duo's book FIRING POINT is now in the final stages of post-production as a major motion picture starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, and Common. The release date for the film is pending.


THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN featured on New York History Blog website. The story talks about the book, which highlights the life and career of Commodore Dixie Kiefer, a forgotten hero of World War II, who ultimately lost his life just after the war ended, dying in a plane crash on New York's Mt. Beacon. You can read the article HERE.


INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN book featured in Upstate New York newspapers. An article about the book by Don Keith with David Rocco appears in current editions of the Hudson Valley newspapers and on their HV1 web site. Rocco will be making several appearances to talk about the book and its primary subject, Commodore Dixie Kiefer, an unsung hero of World War II.

To learn more about the book, THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, visit HERE.

To see where authors Don Keith and David Rocco will be appearing, presenting, signing books, and conducting talks, visit HERE.



Article about author Don Keith re-posted from 78 Magazine. The interview with Don by writer Terrell Manasco appeared earlier this year in 78 Magazine, which is distributed in Central Alabama.  Read the article HERE.



AllAuthors web site adds nice Don Keith book graphic. Thanks to the good folks at the AllAuthors web site for designing and making available the nice graphic below, featuring several books by author Don Keith.  See the Don Keith featured-author page at the AllAuthor site by clicking HERE.

An article by Don Keith appears in The Irish Times dealing with the missing Argentine submarine, ANA San Juan. The article details how it is possible in this day for a modern submarine to simply vanish. Read the article HERE.



New York POST includes INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN among its "must-read books" for Veterans Day. The Sunday, November 12 edition of the NY POST lists THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, written by Don Keith with David Rocco, among its recommended books to read. This includes 

several books that the paper feels are especially important for Veterans Day. See the column HERE.

Don Keith co-author featured in AdWeek magazine. Shelley Stewart, whose story he and Don Keith tell in the book MATTIE C.'s BOY, has written a powerful article for AdWeek, one of the leading publications in the advertising industry. Stewart overcame unspeakable cruelty, racism and more to become the owner of a very large ad agency, O2 Ideas, in Birmingham, Alabama.  Read Stewart's article HERE

Read an excerpt and learn more about MATTIE C.'s BOY by going HERE.

FINAL BEARING makes Australian Navy's official reading list. The novel by Don Keith and Commander (Ret.) George Wallace is among the books recommended for reading by members of not only the Royal Australian Navy but by any others "interested in maritime doctrine, strategy, history or Navies in general."  See the complete list HERE..(FINAL BEARING appears on the list on page 89.) 




New York magazine CHRONOGRAM features The Indestructible Man. Chronogram, a publication distributed in most areas of the Hudson Valley in New York state, has included THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN by Don Keith and David Rocco among its featured books in the current edition. See the online version of th article HERE.



Latest Don Keith WWII book featured in BOATING ON THE HUDSON magazine. The article describes how Don Keith and co-author David Rocco came to write the story of World War II Navy hero Captain Dixie Kiefer in the book "The Indestructible Man," as well as how Rocco continues to try to keep the memories alive of a group of men who died on a mountaintop along New York State's Hudson River.

Read the article HERE.

THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN featured in an article on New York's Dutchess Tourism website. The article details how this remarkable story came to be written by Don Keith and David Rocco. The tale of World War II hero Dixie Kiefer ends tragically in Dutchess County, New York, and that area has other interesting ties to the story. See the article HERE

"The Indestructible Man" WWII book featured in Poughkeepsie, New York, newspaper. The book, by Don Keith with David Rocco, has been featured in The Poughkeepsie Journal. Read the full article HERE.

Upstate New York newspapers feature THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN book by Don Keith and David Rocco. A group of newspapers published in Westchester County near New York City have run an article on the new World War II book. Read the article HERE.

INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN featured on New York TV and cable channels. The co-author of Don Keith's latest World War II non-fiction book, David Rocco, was recently interviewed on WRNN-TV and a major area cable news network in the New York City area. David talked about the subjects of the book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN, the victims of two Navy airplane crashes on the Hudson Valley's Mount Beacon. That includes WWII hero Commodore Dixie Kiefer, who was dubbed "The Indestructible Man" by Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal after surviving--and being the hero of--several battles in the Pacific Theater.  You can watch the interview HERE.

Don Keith a guest on HAM RADIO 360 podcast, discusses new Amateur Radio book DIAL DANCING and other works. One of the more popular podcasts devoted to the hobby of ham radio recently hosted an interview with author and active amateur radio enthusiast Don Keith N4KC. The entire interview can be heard HERE.

The Radio Amateur Information Network podcast posts Part 2 of an interview with Don Keith N4KC. The popular program concludes the

interview dealing with Don's latest amateur radio book, DIAL DANCING.  Hear Part 2 HERE. You can still find Part 1 of the interview in the podcast archives. Part 2 will also be available in the archives when the next podcast appears on the site.


New Don Keith book "The Indestructible Man" highlighted in NEW YORK TIMES feature article. The new non-fiction work about a little known World War II hero has been featured in the TIMES story in today's editions. "The Indestructible Man" by Don Keith with David Rocco tells the story of WWII hero Commodore Dixie Kiefer who survived both that war and WWI only to die in a plane crash on New York State's Mount Beacon on Armistice Day 1945.

The article highlights Rocco's efforts to gain recognition for Kiefer and the other five Navy men who were killed in the crash. "Lost in the Woods, the 1945 Crash Site of a Navy Hero" was written by TiIMES reporter Cory Kilgannon and can be seen online HERE.

A similar version of the article also appears in the Minneapolis Star Tribune HERE.







Another newspaper article has featured the new book "The Indestructible Man" by Don Keith with David Rocco. New York newspaper The Examiner says, "The book explores the incredible life and service of (Dixie) Kiefer, who was an executive officer, and survived several near death experiences while at war." Read the entire article HERE.


New York History Blog highlights new book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN. An active blog that highlights stories about the history of the state of New York has done an article about the new book by Don Keith and David Rocco. Read the blog post HERE.

New Ham Radio book by Don Keith, DIAL DANCING, featured in Radio Amateur Information Network interview. Author Don Keith's new book of short fictional stories set in the hobby of amateur radio has just been featured in Part 1 of a two-part interview on the Radio Amat

eur Information Network podcast. Keith says, "The book is designed to demonstrate the diversity, validity and just plain fun of this hundred-year-old hobby with some stories I hope will show potential hams what amateur radio has to offer but will also entertain them."

Hear the interview HERE.

Learn more about the new book as well as Don Keith N4KC's other amateur radio books HERE.

The book, published by Erin Press, is available wherever books are sold in traditional paper as well most e-book formats..  

(Right: Hap Holley KC9RP, the host of The Radio Amateur Information Network podcast. Hap is known for his work with other ham operators with physical limitations.)




"The Indestructible Man" featured in New York Daily News, by Associated Press. The new World War II non-fiction work by Don Keith with David Rocco is featured on the web site of the New York Daily News via an article distributed by the Associated Press. See the article HERE.

See a similar story on the web site of U.S. News and Worold Report HERE.

And another on the web of WPDH Radio in Poughkeepsie, New York HERE.

"The Indestructible Man" featured on amateur radio website. Author Don Keith is also an active ham radio operator and frequently writes article on the hobby for  Read the article on Don's new WWII history non-fiction work HERE


Latest non-fiction work by Don Keith, "The Indestructible Man," is now available wherever books are sold according to news release. The book, co-authored with David Rocco, is now available in trade paperback and all e-book formats.



A new book about a little-known hero of World War II has just been published by authors Don Keith and David Rocco. “The Indestructible Man” is the amazing story of Navy officer Dixie Kiefer who was an instrumental player in major battles in World War II. Kiefer was the executive officer on the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown at both the Battle of the Coral Sea and Battle of Midway. He was the last man off Yorktown before she sank at Midway. Though seriously injured, he swam through shark-infested waters pushing a life raft filled with hurt sailors toward a rescue ship. Later, as captain of the carrier USS Ticonderoga, his ship came under a vicious attack by kamikaze aircraft. Though critically wounded by flying shrapnel, he remained on the bridge, overseeing counter-attacks and damage control for twelve hours.

Later, while presenting Kiefer an award for valor, the Secretary of the Navy dubbed him “the indestructible man.” That ultimately proved not to be the case. Just after the end of the war, the beloved “Captain Dixie”—as his men called him—was killed along with five other Navy men in an airplane crash on Mount Beacon, New York, near the Hudson River and West Point.

Kiefer was known as a “sailor’s skipper,” never asking his crew to do anything he was not willing to do. As an early pioneer in carrier-based aircraft, he was the first man to fly an airplane off a ship at night. He successfully steered Ticonderoga through a killer typhoon that took the lives of more than 800 men throughout the Allied fleet, more loss of life than in any naval engagement with the Japanese during the war. His morale-building “cocktail clubs” were legendary. And he even played a role in a motion picture titled “The Fighting Lady,” which won the Academy Award for documentary feature.

(Right) "The Indestructible Man" co-author David Rocco holds a copy of the new book in front of signs prepared for upcoming appearances. Note the image on the wall of the legendary singer and activist Pete Seeger, a long-time friend of Rocco's

The story of Dixie Kiefer, as well as that of the other men who died with him on the mountain on Armistice Day 1945, is one of the most inspiring tales to come out of World War II. “Captain Dixie” was a brilliant leader of men and gave true hope through a fierce war, not only to those who served under him but to the nation as a whole.

Don Keith is a best-selling and award-winning author. Keith has written extensively on World War II history as well as other subjects including college football, NASCAR racing, submarines, broadcasting, and civil rights. His nationally-bestselling military thriller, “Firing Point,” will be a major motion picture later this year under the title “Hunter Killer,” starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman. Keith’s web site is

David Rocco is from Yorktown Heights, New York, and retired from the New York City Housing Department. Since then, he has led civic and environmental efforts including the Walkway Over the Hudson Project in Poughkeepsie, The Mount Beacon Fire Tower Restoration Project, the Beacon Sloop Club’s Woody Guthrie vessel, and the Mount Beacon Eight organization. The latter group seeks to recognize those who died along with Dixie Kiefer in the 1945 plane crash as well as two other Navy aviators killed on the mountain ten years earlier.

The book is now available wherever books are sold in trade paperback and all e-book formats.

Article by Don Keith appears on web site Read the amateur ham radio-related article HERE. Don also maintains a web site devoted to the hobby of ham radio with numerous articles, reviews, and other info at

Article by Don Keith appears in March 2017 issue of American Legion Magazine. The article deals with collecting oral histories and making them available to organizations or libraries who can archive and index the information for future generations. The online version of the article appears HERE. Don Keith maintains a web site to help encourage the collection and archiving of oral histories from those who have witnessed it. See more at the Untold Millions web site.



THE LAST CHRISTMAS RIDE Events Get Media Attention. The novella by Don Keith and Edie Hand is the source material for a documentary film "The Last Ride." The movie will be screened at the Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest at 10 AM on January 26. Edie and Don along with those who worked on the film will be there to answer questions and discuss the project as well.  The screening has generated considerable local media including an interview on WIAT, the local CBS TV affiliate.  You can watch that interview HERE.

Edie also appeared on the Birmingham ABC-TV affiliate, ABC 33/40 to talk about THE LAST CHRISTMAS RIDE book as well as the Vestavia event and documentary.  See that interview HERE.

Edie Hand on Talk of Alabama ABC 33-40 TV talking about Last Christmas Ride



Gerard Butler talks about role in HUNTER KILLER, working with Gary Oldman on film. The star of the upcoming motion picture HUNTER KILLER, based on the novel FIRING POINT by Don Keith and George Wallace, recently sat down for an interview with GQ Magazine's UK edition. The session was done soon after wrapping production on the film in London and Bulgaria. Butler talks about many aspects of his career including watching co-star Toby Stephens portray a Navy SEAL and working with renowned actor Gary Oldman in HUNTER KILLER. The segments of the interview dealing with HUNTER KILLER can be found near the 15:20 and 19:30 marks of the video.

To watch the video, click HERE.









Documentary Inspired by THE LAST CHRISTMAS RIDE Released, Screened at Hollywood Film Festival. HOLLYWOOD, CA—The Edie Hand Foundation has released a short film documentary, based on real-life history and events, which helped spark the global non-profit organization Edie Hand Foundation. Actor, Linc Hand and Recording Artist, Victoria Plummer star, along with a supporting cast of over 100 people. The film, titled, “The Last Ride,” documents the story of the three Blackburn boys, who were Edie Hand’s brothers. Each led short lives in a family history mixed with happiness, tragedy and a legacy, which created a strong call to action. The film is based on Edie Hand’s best-selling book, “The Last Christmas Ride,” co-written with award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith, writing as Jeffery Addison.

“This is a story about a sister's love, and how I was taught to turn hard times into beautiful things,” said Foundation Director, Edie Hand. “It shows how my past led me to help others. I hope this film offers inspiration and shows that the deepest pain can lead to the greatest

The film’s star and narrator, actor, Linc Hand, is the son of Edie Hand. “I am inspired every day by the people she helps around the world,” said Linc Hand. “Her Foundation was built around what happened in my family, and now we’re able to spread support and inspiration to
thousands of people from many countries. This really is a global organization, and I am proud of my mother for her achievements.”

Edie Hand is the film’s Executive Producer, along with award winning documentary producer, Leigh Anne Bishop, of Bama Production Services, LLC. The Director is Emmy-Award winning journalist, Scott Mauldin, of Vulcan Media, based in Birmingham, AL.

“I’m happy to help document the story of this family, and show how tragedy led to strength,” said Producer, Leigh Anne Bishop. “Edie leaned on her life experience to help shape futures for other people. Her Foundation offers hope to countless people around the world.”

Director, Scott Mauldin of Vulcan Media, has a vision for the film. “We want to create a sparkle in the eyes of everyone who sees this piece,” Mauldin said. “This is a true story of faith, struggle and giving back. It’s a true story. That’s why it’s exciting to direct. Edie’s life experience
and the Edie Hand Foundation generates worldwide benefit.”


Interview and article in 78 MAGAZINE. Don Keith was the subject of a lengthy interview and article in 78 MAGAZINE. The article was penned by Terrell Manasco and talks not only about Don's writing but also his prior career in radio broadcasting.


Principal photography has been completed on the movie HUNTER KILLER, the film based on our book FIRING POINT. The film stars Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, and Common. The director is Donovan Marsh. Word is that the production came in on time and on budget, a rarity in Hollywood. Release date has still not been determined but looks like fall of 2017. The studio has also apparently released the new teaser poster (below).

Excerpts from Don Keith's and George Wallace's book win annual Submarine League magazine's literary award. Excerpts from the novel Dangerous Grounds by George Wallace and Don Keith have been awarded second place honors in THE SUBMARINE REVIEW publication's annual literary contest. Those excerpts appeared in the August 2016 edition of the magazine, which is the official publication of the Naval Submarine League. The award will be presented at the League’s Annual Symposium Awards Luncheon, which will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.

Another book by Don Keith, The Ice Diaries, co-written with Captain William R. Anderson, was featured in that same publication as part of a suggested submariner's reading list. That book tells the complete story of how Captain Anderson and his crew on the USS Nautilus submarine, the world's first nuclear-powered vessel, made the historic voyage beneath the polar ice pack and through the North Pole in 1958.



MATTIE C.'S BOY by Don Keith has been featured on NPR's "All Things Considered" and recommended as a top summer read. The book tells the 

story of Shelley Stewart, who overcame unbelievable hardship and racism to become a top radio personality, highly successful businessman, and a key player in the struggle for human rights. See more HERE.

Hear the feature as it aired on NPR's "All Things Considered" on August 12, 2016. A special thanks to Jake Reiss at Alabama Booksmith in Homewood, Alabama, for the recommendation.


NEW: For those who have read MATTIE C.'s BOY: THE SHELLEY STEWART STORY, you know how pivotal the location of Shelley Stewart's advertising agency, O2 Ideas, was to his powerful story. HERE is a followup article that may be of interest.


Star of upcoming movie based on Don Keith's and George Wallace's book FIRING POINT prepares for role on actual U.S. submarine.  Actor Gerard Butler, who will play the role of submarine skipper Joe Glass in the upcoming feature film HUNTER KILLER (based on the thriller FIRING POINT by Don Keith and George Wallace) recently visited with members of the sub force in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He and the film's director, producer, and other crew spent time with not only top brass but with crewmembers, too. They also did an actual underway and rehearsed some of the scenes from the movie according to social media posts.  Butler even took time to do personalized Mother's Day greetings for crewmembers of the USS Houston.  See pictures from the visit HERE. Production on the movie is tentatively set to begin in July according to information on

Prolific Author Don Keith Receives Prestigious Bill Leonard Professional Media Award.


The American Radio Relay League’s prestigious Bill Leonard Professional Media Award for 2015 has been given to Don Keith N4KC.  Keith is not only a best-selling author and former award-winning broadcaster and journalist but he is also an active Amateur Radio operator.  Keith was selected by the League’s Board of Directors from among nominees for the print award for his article about the attractions of the hobby which appeared in The American Legion magazine.  (The article is available on-line at: )

Read the ARRL announcement article with more info HERE.

The award was created as a tribute to the late CBS News President Bill Leonard, W2SKE. He was also an avid Amateur Radio operator and advocate.  It honors three professional journalists each year whose outstanding coverage in print, visual and audio media highlights the enjoyment, importance and public service value the Amateur Radio Service has to offer.  For 2015, only two recipients are being recognized: Keith in the print category and Jackie Lukas, a reporter for News12 on Long Island, New York, for visual coverage.

Keith will be presented his award by ARRL officials at the Huntsville, Alabama, Hamfest, August 20 and 21, 2016.

“I am honored to receive such a respected award,” Keith says.  “And especially one named for a true hero of mine, Bill Leonard of CBS.  I also appreciate the editors at The American Legion Magazine and the members of the Legion’s Amateur Radio club for asking me to do the article, which allowed me to sing the praises of Ham Radio to their more than 2.3 million subscribers.  I hope this award will bring the article and our hobby to the attention of even more Legion members and help The American Legion Amateur Radio Club in its public service mission within the organization. ”

(See for more about the Legion and its close ties to Amateur Radio.)

Don Keith N4KC has published more than thirty books on subjects ranging from college athletics, NASCAR racing, World War II history, to submarines.  Three of his books are aimed at fellow Hams or those interested in joining the hobby.  He has also authored several biographies and military thriller novels, one of which is in pre-production as a major motion picture. 

Keith’s author web site is  His Amateur Radio site, which features many articles about the hobby, is


February 7, 2016 - Don was an interview guest on the ICQ Amateur Radio podcast.  Don's portion begins at about the 53-minute point. LISTEN or DOWNLOAD the program HERE.

Don Keith was a recent guest on The QSO Radio Show, which aired on worldwide shortwave radio station WTWW.  The show is hosted by Ted Randall and Frank Howell. You can hear the entire broadcast from the show's web site HERE or from iTunes HERE

Sunday, October 4, 2015 - 4 PM CDST - Guest live on the "Midrats" Internet radio show and then available as a podcast.  To hear the show live or to download the podcast later, click HERE  To learn more about the "Midrats" show, visit their web site HERE.

Articles about Don Keith's newest books for Amateur Radio enthusiasts recently appeared in the hobby's two most popular publications.  The first appeared in the September 2015 issue of CQ Magazine on page 54.  The second was on page 69 of QST Magazine, the official publication of the American Radio Relay League, in the October 2015 issue.  Visit or click HERE to learn more about the new books, Get on the Air...Now! and The Amateur Radio Dictionary

AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE  Interview with Don about his two new Amateur Radio books.  Part one of the interview is in ARN Report #1971, dated August 7, 2015, and is about the ten-minute point in the audio file.  The second part of the interview by Cheryl K9BIK is in ARN Report #1972, dated August 14, 2015..  The second interview begins at about the 3:45 point.  You can also hear the entire interview including some material not part of the original two-part airing, by visiting HERE.

The Don Keith interview podcast with The History Network's new WW2 series is now available for listening and downloading.  Grab it now HERE.

The video of the Don Keith segment on C-SPAN "Book TV" has moved on the channel's web site.  It is now available for view HERE.  Don Keith discusses his book UNDERSEA WARRIOR, a World War II biography of legendary submarine commander Dudley "Mush" Morton.

Shelley Stewart, the subject of Don Keith's book MATTIE C.'s BOY, has been honored by State Farm Insurance as one of their "Good Neighbors."  See the VIDEO and READ THE ARTICLE.  The web page also has a link to the Mattie C. Stewart Foundation and information about Don and Shelley's book.

Shelley Stewart, the subject of Don Keith's book MATTIE C.'s BOY, recently gave a powerful TED talk in Birmingham. That talk is now available for viewing.  See it HERE.

PODCAST APPEARANCE -- Don has been interviewed for the new World War II podcast published by The History Network.  To learn more about the podcast series and to download or listen, visit HERE.  The program will also be available for download at iTunes.

PODCAST APPEARANCE -- QSO Today ham radio podcast featuring Don Keith N4KC.  Don discusses amateur radio as well as recent books with Eric Guth 4Z1UG.  You can hear the podcast and see the show notes HERE.   QSO Today podcasts are also available via iTunes and Stitcher.

Article at about Don's newest book, THE SHIP THAT WOULDN'T DIE by Jesse Chambers of and The Birmingham News.  Read the article, which includes several photos from the book HERE.

USS Neosho on fire -- Don Keith book


The new book trailer for Don's latest book, THE SHIP THAT WOULDN'T DIE, is now available on YouTube.  Visit YouTube to see this short promotional video on an epic true story of bravery and tenacity in World War II.  Videos for other books by Don Keith are also available at Don's YouTube page.  THE SHIP THAT WOULDN'T DIE is now available for pre-order and will be generally available in all book formats and wherever books are sold on April 7.





















The subject of Don Keith’s latest biographical work, Shelley Stewart, was featured presenter at a recent TED event  in Birmingham, Alabama.  Shelley was the subject of the book MATTIE C’s BOY. To see a full video of the event, including Shelley’s powerful speech, click HERE.

Don's upcoming article on Amateur Radio in AMERICAN LEGION MAGAZINE has been mentioned in numerous outlets.  Those include a story on "Amateur Radio Newsline" (the story appears at about 14:15) and in the January 29, 2015 edition of the American Radio Relay League's "ARRL Letter."  For more on the article and magazine, visit

To hear an audio version of the article click HERE.


The March 2015 edition of American Legion Magazine will include a feature article about the hobby of amateur radio. Written by best-selling author Don Keith N4KC, the article will tell the 2.3 million readers of the publication how ham radio remains exciting, important, and relevant, even after one-hundred years of existence and so much technological change.  It will also remind American Legion members about their organization’s own club—The American Legion Amateur Radio Club or TALARC—as well as how its members can get their licenses, establish club stations at more of the 14,000 posts around the country, and more.  The Legion has an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security for assistance during emergencies and the article talks about how amateur radio meshes well with that effort.


American Legion Magazine is distributed to the veterans’ organization’s 2.3 million members as well as through other outlets.  TALARC now has more than 2,000 members.  Regular on-air nets are held for Legion members who are also hams.  The club station, K9TAL at American Legion Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, also hosts regular operating events.


To learn more about how the American Legion is integrating amateur radio into its organization and for its members, visit


The author of the article, Don Keith N4KC, is a best-selling writer with more than two dozen books published.  His submarine thriller, FIRING POINT, co-written with former submarine captain George Wallace, is now in production as a major motion picture under the title HUNTER KILLER.  He has written extensively about World War II history, submarines, college athletics, NASCAR racing, and broadcasting, including WIZARD OF THE WIND, a novel with a key character who is a ham.  His next book, THE SHIP THAT WOULDN’T DIE, will be published by Penguin/NAL in April 2015.  It tells the true story of a remarkable event during the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942.  Don has also published a book on his favorite hobby.  RIDING THE SHORTWAVES: EXPLORING THE MAGIC OF AMATEUR RADIO explains to newcomers and old-timers alike how the hobby is even more dynamic today than when it was first introduced a century ago.  All Don’s books are available wherever books are sold.


Don is an ARRL member, an Extra-class licensee, and has been a ham since 1961.  He is very active on the air and operates most modes and bands.  For more info on Don Keith N4KC visit or


Movie Based on FIRING POINT Thriller Set to Begin Production

According to press reports, the film HUNTER KILLER--based on the novel FIRING POINT by Don Keith and George Wallace--is set to begin production this month in Alaska.  The film, under development by Relativity Media, will be directed by Martin Campbell, best know for helming such features as GOLDENEYE, CASINO ROYALE (both James Bond films) and GREEN LANTERN.  The studio has not yet announced who will star in the film but release is tentatively set for early 2016.

Whittier, Alaska, where most production on HUNTER KILLER

is set to be completed.

For more, see:  

A television report on Anchorage’s NBC affiliate

Another Internet news story


Most of Don Keith's e-book editions have now been added to the catalog of  The site makes it possible for readers to get their e-books personalized and "signed" by the author.  Visit the "Don Keith Author Page" at to learn more.



Shelley Stewart, the subject of Don Keith's latest book, MATTIE C.'s BOY, was recently interviewed for and featured on the AARP web site.  Shelley talks about his amazing story, the foundation he has created in his mother's memory, and the book.  Visit the site and scroll about halfway down to the "Book Club Interview" video.


Shelley Stewart, the subject of the biography, MATTIE C.'s BOY, by Don Keith, spoke recently to the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta.  As usual, Shelley brought down the house!  Watch for opportunities to see Mr. Stewart speak.  His story is inspirational and his presentation is awe-inspiring.

Don Keith's latest book, THE SHIP THAT WOULDN'T DIE, is now available for pre-order.  The book will be published in April by Penguin.  It tells the story of the WWII oiler USS Neosho, which was brutally attacked by the Japanese when she was mistaken for an Allied aircraft carrier in the Coral Sea.  Hundreds were killed.  The rest of the crew either drifted aimlessly awaiting rescue or were afloat on life rafts.  Click HERE to learn more or to pre-order the book.  



* * *   NEWS RELEASE * * *

July 24, 2014



The very popular ROLLING THUNDER STOCKCAR RACING SERIES novels have now been released as e-books for all types of digital devices.  Each of the books was well received, both by readers and critics, when originally released in paperback by Tor Books and as audio books by DH Audio.  However, until now they have not been available in digital formats.

While written on an adult level, this series of exciting books by award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith and NASCAR expert Kent Wright are perfectly suitable for younger readers.  It is not necessary to read the books in any particular order either.  Each work stands on its own.  The stories are based on real characters and actual events in the history of racing, from the whiskey-hauling days in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina to the slick, new speedways of today. Many of the actual, real-life legends of the sport make "appearances" in the books.


The authors have tried to place readers right there in the cockpit of a 700-horsepower racecar!  Peter Golenbock, the co-editor of THE STOCKCAR RACING ENCYCLOPEDIA, says, "The ROLLING THUNDER novels do exactly what they promise to do: put the reader in the pits, behind the scenes, in the cockpit of a racecar, but they also give a compelling look at the personal side of big-time racing. Mostly, though, they are simply great stories about truly interesting people.”

In addition, the books earned high praise from teachers and librarians because they encouraged many younger readers who would not usually be interested in reading to explore these novels.


To learn more about this ground-breaking…and ground-shaking!...series, go to:


See more info on MATTIE C.'s BOY, including a compelling video about the book's subject, Shelley Stewart, and the foundation he has started to honor his mother and show the value of education.  

WATCH A FASCINATING, MOVING VIDEO about Dr. Shelley Stewart, Don's biographical subject in MATTIE C.'s BOY.  This video was produced as part of the 'History in Motion' series, sponsored by Regions Bank, in which Shelley was recently named the recipient of the 2014 award.

See an interview with Don Keith at the Capital City Hamfest in Jackson, Mississippi, on the Amateur Logic TV Show.  Look for Episode 63. Don's portion is about 6:30 into the show.

 Read and listen to a story on WBHM 90.3 FM, the National Public Radio affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama, about Don's biography of Shelley Stewart, MATTIE C.'s BOY.



Listen to a presentation on the BBC World Service about USS Nautilus, commemorating the 60th anniversary of that ship's launch.  Don Keith is interviewed as part of the story.


See a news story on the Birmingham, Alabama, CBS affiliate about Don's bio subject, Shelley Stewart, and the book MATTIE C.'s BOY.

Watch Don's presentation at the 2013 International Conference on World War II from the World War II Museum and Hyatt Regency, New Orleans, Louisiana.  The entire conference will be streamed live and available for viewing anytime afterwards.  Don's presentation is at 9:50 AM on Friday, November 22, 2013. 

Don appears as a part of the documentary film, "Against the Tide," on SHOWTIME, 9 PM CST, November 15, 2013.  The documentary will air multiple times on SHOWTIME and will eventually be available through various other video distribution services.

Read an article about Don in his home-county newspaper, The St. Clair News Aegis.

See a news segment that ran on WIAT CBS42 about MATTIE C.'s BOY, Shelley Stewart, and a recent signing event held at Books-A-Million, Colonial Brookwood Mall, in Birmingham, Alabama.

Don Keith and Shelley Stewart with attendee at signing event (photo courtesy John Miller)

Watch a segment on Birmingham's WBRC-TV Fox 6 featuring Shelley Stewart, the subject of Don's book MATTIE C.'s BOY.

WATCH Don's return appearance on the national television show "RX for Healthy Lifestyles," first aired on the cable channel RFD Network.

Don attends the Birmingham, Alabama, premiere of the new Jackie Robinson bio-pic "42." At left is Linc Hand, one of the stars of the film. Linc is the son of one of Don's writing partners, Edie Hand (middle). Much of the movie was shot in and around Birmingham, including at Rickwood Field, the oldest professional ball park in the country.  (Don once did PA at the park for the city's minor-league Barons, an affiliate of the Chicago WhiteSox.)

READ an article about Chief Odom's 100th birthday celebration, including a nice mention of WAR BENEATH THE WAVES. The picture below is from that article.

Charlie Odom, one of heroes of Don Keith submarine book

Read Don's interview by book blogger Nick Wale in which the subject ranged from Don Keith books to self-publishing to Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. Click HERE to read the interview.

Don Keith as part of tribute to legendary broadcaster Joe Rumore

See Don's contribution to a video tribute to legendary broadcaster Joe Rumore.  The video was produced as part of Rumore's induction into the Universtiy of Alabama Communications Hall of Fame.

READ an article about Don Keith in The Shelby County (Alabama) Reporter.

HEAR Don's interview on the Author Talk Internet program by clicking HERE.

Don Keith was recently interviewed for the national TV show "Rx for a Healthy Lifestyle" on RFD/Rural TV. This is Don on the set with one of the show's co-hosts, Edie Hand. Click HERE to see the interview.

Watch Don's interview on BookTV on CSPAN and read more about the appearance.  You are welcome to share the video with others via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other means from the convenient link on the BookTV page.

READ an interview with Don in the publication TECHNICAL WRITERS IN ACTION.

LISTEN to Don's interview on "The Not Too Late Radio Show."

WATCH Don's segment on CSPAN-2 "Book TV." (See the same segment provided by YouTube)

Charley Odom, one of heroes of WAR BENEATH THE WAVES by Don Keith does radio interview in Knoxville

One of the heroes of Don Keith's book WAR BENEATH THE WAVES, Charlie Odom, is interviewed on "The Phil Show" on 98.7 FM Talk Radio in Knoxville on Friday, March 25, 2011. Note book on the desk to the right of the show host. Odom is on the right.

LISTEN to Don's return appearance on the VETERANS' RADIO NETWORK. Look for the link to the February 11, 2011 program.

LISTEN to Don's interview on the national radio program VETERANS' RADIO NETWORK. Look for the link to the October 30, 2010 program.

Don Keith veterans radio network

SEE a moving television feature story about that same hero from Don's WAR BENEATH THE WAVES by clicking HERE.

Listen to Don's interview on 'The Rick & Bubba Show.'

READ Don's op/ed article on leadership "300 feet south of hell" in the Washington Post.

LISTEN to Don's interview with Hap Holly on "The Radio Amateur Information Network" podcast.

Listen to Don's interviews (two parts) on "The RAIN Report," a nationally distributed radio program (scroll down the list and select those programs from the available archives)

Listen to Don's appearance on the "WeatherBrains" netcast/podcast (Select "WeatherBrains" episode #194)

Listen to Don's interview with Ted Randall on "The QSO Radio Show," an internationally-broadcast shortwave program

Listen to Don's interview on WOR Radio, New York and WOR Radio Network nationally on"The Steve Malzberg Show."

Listen to Don's interview on "The G. Gordon Liddy Show."

Listen to Don's appearance on "The Joey Reynolds Show," WOR Radio, New York, and other stations nationwide on the WOR Network.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of USS Nautilus reaching the North Pole on August 3, 1958, Don arranged a special amateur radio operating event from the Submarine Force Museum and Historic Ship Nautilus in Groton, CT, which took place on August 2 and 3, 2008. The event reached more than 2,000 radio 'hams' in all fifty states and twenty-six countries.  Click HERE to hear some of those contacts, as recorded by John Krupsky (a former submariner and a ham radio operator -- WA5MLF) in Birmingham, Alabama.  Don's amateur radio website is HERE.