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The latest novel in The Hunter Killer Series of military thrillers, Southern Cross, by former submarine skipper George Wallace and prolific author Don Keith has been released by Severn River Publishing. The book has already hit the top ten in several Amazon sales categories including #1 in the highly competitive "Military Thriller" listing.

The book's theme fits perfectly with recent headlines about political and economic unrest in South America and how it affects the USA and the rest of the world. South America is imploding and a US Navy submarine and SEAL team may be the only ones to stop it..As the winds of change sweep through South America, chaos and uncertainty reign. A radical political takeover looms, threatening to plunge the entire Western Hemisphere into turmoil. Seeing the destabilization, China moves to exert its influence economically and politically-further threatening peace and freedom in the region. But a team of elite Navy SEALs and one submarine race to confront the threat, embarking on a dangerous-and likely impossible-mission.

Southern Cross is available in paper,and e-book editions and the audio book will release in mid-June 2024.

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The tenth novel in The Hunter Killer Series of Navy SEAL and submarine military thrillers will be released in May of 2025. However, the next novel in the series of best selling books, The Gibraltar Affair, is already available for pre-order from Amazon. By ordering now, readers will lock in the price and the e-book version will be automatically downloaded into their Kindle devices on release day. Or if the paper copy is pre-ordered, it will ship to arrive on publication day.

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ST, a website devoted to movie and TV news, has named the film HUNTER KILLER as one of its top three war movies now available for streaming on Netflix. The site calls Hunter Killer "a highly underated movie" and "a worthy option for fans of military dramas and action-packed chronicles," while noting that it has climbed to number three most-viewed movie on Netflix after debuting on the service in early December 2023. The movie is based on the best-selling novel by George Wallace and Don Keith, which is available wherever books are sold.

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The movie HUNTER KILLER, starring Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, and Linda Cardellini debuts on Netflix this month--after successful runs in theaters as well as on cable channels and HBO Max--and viewers are asking many questions about the story, characters, situations and the stars themselves. Many have noticed the seeming authenticity of the film and are asking how a thrill-a-minute feature compares to real submarine warfare and Navy SEAL operations.

One example is the website TheCinemaholic, where numerous questions have been answered and explored.

The site notes that the film is based on the novel by former nuclear submarine commander George Wallace and submarine historian Don Keith. And that the book and movie are the result of exhaustive research and the film had the assistance of the US Navy in production.

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Alabama newspaper Shelby County Reporter recently published an inverview with author Don Keith about a movie based on one of his books making a top ten list. The book and film, HUNTER KILLER, are part of a series of military thriller novels written by Keith and co-writer George Wallace. The film HUNTER KILLER, starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman, was recently named the website Operation Military Kids as one of the top ten best movies about US Navy SEALs. The website is devoted to young people who are considering a military career.

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The website Operation Military Kids recently named the movie HUNTER KILLER as one of the top ten best films ever made about US Navy SEALs. The movie stars Gerard Butler, Gary Oldman, Common, and Linda Cardellini and is based on the book HUNTER KILLER by George Wallace and Don Keith. The story tells of a coup attempt inside Russia in which a rogue admiral kidnaps the president of the Russian Federation in a plot to try to reunite the old Soviet Union. 

Keith and Wallace have published six other novels in THE HUNTER KILLR SERIES, each following the same group of submariners and SEALs through harrowing but realistic action. See for more on the series.

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Shelby County (Alabama) Reporter: Local author Don Keith passes 100,000-copy mark in sales with HUNTER KILLER SERIES of US Navy submarine/SEAL books. See the article in The Shelby County Reporter HERE.

The latest military thriller in the Hunter Killer Series by George Wallace and Don Keith releases May 17 2022. Silent Running is the seventh book in the highly successful series of military action novels, featuring the US Navy's submarine service and SEAL teams. The book is available in traditional paper editions as well as an e-book and audio book, all wherever books are sold. Other titles in the series have been national bestsellers.

The publisher, Severn River Publishing, notes that readers do not have to have read previous books in the series. Each work stands on its own.

The publisher's description of the new book reads:

The axis of global power has shifted.

Is it too late to restore the balance?

Biding its time for decades, China has patiently lain in wait for its chance at global dominance. Long content to needle the West while secretly amassing intelligence, technology, and resources, the war chest is now full and the gears of the colossus are grinding into motion. New arenas of modern battle emerge as China wages an all-out cyber assault on the West. And the more familiar tactics of brute strength play out in its bold attacks against sovereign neighbors. The scope of the Chinese menace draws the US into the melee.

But then US Naval Intelligence learns the true reasons for, and the vulnerabilities of, the Middle Kingdom’s aggression. Will the men, women, and submarines of America's Silent Service be able to hang on to a tenuous world order...or have the scales already tipped too far?

Former US Navy submarine commander George Wallace and award winning writer Don Keith are also the authors of the novel HUNTER KILLER, now a major motion picture starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman.

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New WWII true tale TORPEDO RUN is latest historical non-fiction work by prolific author Don Keith. The new book, released April 5 by Penguin/Random House imprint Dutton Caliber, is part of the publisher's ambitious "American War Heroes Series," and is Keith's second offering in the project. His first release was ONLY THE BRAVE, released last year, and tells the story of the Battle of Guam, an often overlooked conflict in World War II. 

TORPEDO RUN: The Story of WWII Submarine Hero Eugene B. Fluckey tells the remarkable true story of the US Navy’s most innovative—and aggressive—submarine commander of World War II. Over the course of five combat patrols during the Pacific War, Commander Fluckey reinvented submarine warfare, pioneering audacious strategies to hunt and sink Japanese warships and merchant vessels. At the helm of the USS Barb, he directed his boat to attack warship convoys—never mind the lop-sided odds—and to slip into heavily defended enemy harbors to launch torpedoes at unsuspecting targets. Unlike most previous submarine skippers, “Lucky” Fluckey’s submariners often attacked from the surface, brazenly sinking the enemy with the Barb’s deck guns. Once, he even sent sailors ashore on a Japanese island on a perilous mission to blow up a train--the only espionage mission into the Japanese Homeland during the war--and he became the first skipper to fire missiles off the deck of a submarine, paving the way for a prime mission for today's submersibles. Those two unique incidents meant the Barb flew the most unusual battle flag of any warship in WWII. Fluckey and his crew sent an astounding seventeen enemy ships, including an aircraft carrier, to the bottom of the sea.
In Torpedo Run, acclaimed naval historian Don Keith dives into the most thrilling and dangerous tales of Fluckey’s war, as he guides his gallant crew against the Japanese fleet. For his heroism and intrepidity, Fluckey earned four Navy Crosses and the Medal of Honor, and showed what a submarine—and he—was capable of. Keith has been praised for his readable and accessible style. "I look for the human side of history," the author has noted. "I want to tell the personal stories of individuals who go to war, not just dwell on admirals and generals, massive troop movements and detailed battle strategy."

Paper editions of the book are available exclusively at Walmart stores and via E-book and audio editions are available wherever books are sold.

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Former broadcaster and now best-selling author Don Keith is now hosting a unique video podcast called "This Alabama Life." The regular podcast features seemingly average people who either face real challenges or decide to pursue a dream and then do remarkable things. Produced by 1819 News, a new journalism outlet in Birmingham, Alabama, the podcast focuses on people who are either from Alabama or have a strong Alabama connection. And the content focuses on positive, uplifting, and ultimately inspiring stories.

"It seems most media wants to focus on pandemic or panic, negative news and depressing content," Keith says. "We just want to be sure stories of inspiring people get told in a captivating and entertaining way."

Experienced broadcast journalist Andrea Tice co-hosts the podcast. Keith is a former broadcast journalist, winning awards from United Press International, Associated Press, Troy University and more. He was twice named Billboard Magazine "Radio Personality of the Year" and was recently the recipient of the William Leonard Professional Media Award from the American Radio Relay League.

"We urge people to check us out on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Podbean, or wherever they get their podcasts," Keith says. "If they like it and want to support such storytelling and positive content, they can give a review, subscribe, and become a regular listener of viewer. And of course, I want to hear from them, too, including letting us know about stories that need to be told."


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