Events and Appearances by Don Keith

Author Don Keith is available for speaking and presentations to groups of all kinds, either in person or via Zoom, Skype, or other means. For info, details, and potential topics, contact him at [email protected].


September 2024
September 6, 7, and 8, 2024

Award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith will be participating in the annual Alabama Writers Forum convention September 6, 7, and 8, 2024, at Orange Beach, Alabama. In addition to other activities, Don Keith will conduct a seminar on how writers can overcome some of the more commonplace roadblocks they face. That includes overcoming writers block, finding a publisher, finding an agent, advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing. Don will also be available throughout the Alabama Writers Forum conference to speak informally with other would be authors. 

Several of the books by author Don Keith will be available for sale at the AWF convention bookstore, including his fiction and non-fiction titles like SOUTHERN CROSS, the latest in his HUNTER KILLER SERIES of military thrillers.

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August 2024
August 17 and 18, 2024

Best-selling and award-winning author Don Keith is also an active amateur radio enthusiast (ham radio) and hold the callsign N4KC.  He will be attending this year's Huntsville Hamfest, August 17 and 18, 2024, at VonBraun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama. This event is acknowledged to be the third most attended gathering for ham radio operators in the nation. Don will be manning a booth and offering his four books on the hobby of amateur radio. He will also have available several of his fiction and non-fiction works and will be happy autograph copies for purchasers. 

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March 2024
March 15-16, 2024

Award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith will be attending the BirmingHamfest ham radio get-together. Don is an active ham radio operator--callsign N4KC--and has written several books for those interested in the hobby of amateur radio. He will be offering and signing those books at BirmingHamfest in addition to other works, including WWII history and biographical titles on such notables as Shelley Stewart, Chuck Yeager, and Admiral Eugene Fluckey.

The event will be held at the Trussville, Alabama, Civic Center, 5381 Trussville-Clay Road, 
Trussville, AL 


May 2023
May 16, 2023

Book #8 in THE HUNTER KILLER SERIES of military thrillers by former submarine skipper George Wallace and co-author Don Keith was released today (May 16, 2023) by Severn River Publishing. The book is titled SNAPSHOT, a submarine term for having a torpedo ready to launch if suddenly threatened by the enemy. In a message to regular readers, Wallace and Keith said:

Regular readers of our thriller novels know that we strive to tell exciting, readable, but totally believable tales of evil-versus-good in our dangerous, complicated world. And, in the process, we want to introduce readers to men and women in the US armed services who are out there on the front line, defending freedom. We also like to include a real-world view of the technology and weapons we taxpayers provide for those heroes and that our enemies employ against us, as well as an equally realistic look at some of the challenges our warriors face, personally, politically, and militarily. Finally, we like to have these adventures take place in parts of the world that are exotic (or at least interesting) and have our villains be credible (and certainly interesting).
SNAPSHOT—we humbly submit—checks ALL the boxes. Many of the characters you have come to know in our previous books play key roles in this one…though you do NOT have to have read any of them to enjoy SNAPSHOT. Our submariners and Navy SEALs are out there again, finding the threat and reacting to it by employing some of the latest weaponry at their disposal. And the setting is a place few are familiar with: Far Eastern Russia—even beyond Siberia—and the mysterious Sea of Okhotsk.
That is where the Children of the Gulags, descendants of Stalin’s infamous prison camps and long-time inhabitants of this harsh land, have slowly maneuvered into position to demand that Russia allow them to secede and create a homeland of their own. Farfetched? Not at all! Not with Russia weakened and distracted by the war in Ukraine and rebel activities all along its borders. And the Children are prepared and able to fan the flames of international tension among the Chinese, North Koreans, the Russians, NATO, and the USA. The head of US Naval Intelligence, Admiral Jon Ward, is faced with the seemingly impossible task of keeping the peace between nations. To do so, he must utilize the stealthy US submarines, SEALs, and other US assets to extinguish a conflict at the edge of the world—all while trying to give hope to a historically oppressed people—who may or may not be what they appear—in their own dreams of freedom.

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March 2023
March 3 - 4, 2023

Best-selling and award-winning author Don Keith N4KC will be attending the annual BirminghamFest amateur radio event in early March. He will signing and selling his four books dealing with the hobby of ham radio in addition to other titles on a wide range of subjects. For more information on the event, visit 

For more information about Keith and his involvement in amateur radio, visit his ham radio website HERE.

December 2022
December 6, 2022

Chuck Yeager Book CoverBrimming with courage, Chuck Yeager became a national hero in 1947 when he became the first to fly an airplane faster than the speed of sound. Yet even before his days as America's most famous test pilot, Yeager was a young fighter ace in the US Army Air Forces, flying a P-51 Mustang over Nazi-occupied Europe. Now, in a new book just released on December 6, 2022, Don Keith tells the rest of this amazing story. In CHUCK YEAGER: WWII FIGHTER PILOT, Keith tells how Yeager's exploits are the stuff of legend. Soon after downing his first enemy fighter, Yeager, too, was shot down, surviving thanks to the help of the French Resistance and his own skills as a bomb maker-and earned a Bronze Star for saving the life of a fellow American. Against regulation, and only with the approval of General Eisenhower himself, Yeager returned to duty as a fighter pilot. While fiercely protecting Allied bombers, he became an "ace" and even shot down a lightning-fast Messerschmitt Me 262, the world's first jet-powered airplane.

In the new book CHUCK YEAGER: WWII FIGHTER PILOT, prolific author Don Keith tells the rest of the true story of how this American hero first proved he had the right stuff. See more and purchase a copy HERE.

November 2022
November 17, 2022

Author and ham radio operator Don Keith (amateur radio callsign N4KC) will be the guest speaker at a meeting of the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club in Philadelphia, PA. The event will be via Zoom for the club's meeting on Thursday, November 11, 2022, at 8 PM EST. 

The subject of the presentation will be how to not only attract interested newcomers to the hobby of ham radio but also how to assure they get the most from the pastime and help attract even more participants. For more on the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club, click HERE.

The presentation is based on Don Keith's book GET ON THE AIR...NOW! GETTING THE MOST FROM AMATEUR RADIO. For more on that and other ham radio books by prolific author Keith, click HERE.

Don Keith is the author of more than 39 books on a wide range of subjects, fiction, non-fiction and biography. Several have been national bestsellers, and his submarine/Navy SEAL thriller HUNTER KILLER, co-written with George Wallace, was the basis of the major motion picture starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman.

November 11, 2022

Don Keith's co-author, David Rocco, will do a special Veterans Day presentation on one of WWII's most heroic figures, aircraft carrier skipper Dixie Kiefer. The program will take place Friday, Nov. 11, at 7 p.m., and although there is no charge, reservations are recommended, as seating is always limited for these popular presentations. Call 518-585-7868 or email [email protected] for more information. The Ticonderoga Historical Society is located at the John Hancock House at 6 Moses Circle in Ticonderoga, New York.

Don Keith and David Rocco authored the book THE INDESTRUCTIBLE MAN about this naval aviation pioneer. Kiefer was executive officer on USS YORKTOWN at both the Battle of the Coral Sea and Midway, and was skipper of the carrier USS TICONDEROGA when she was a victim of attacks by two Japanese kamikaze aircraft.

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August 2022
Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Best-selling author and amateur radio operator Don Keith N4KC to speak to New Hampshire ham radio club. Don will be addressing the White Mountain Amateur Radio Club in Conway, New Hampshire. His topic will be how active ham radio operators and clubs can attract more people to the hobby and get them actively involved once they receive a license from the FCC.

In addition to his best-selling and award-winning books, Don Keith has written four books about the hobby of amateur radio, which are available wherever books are sold.

August 20-21, 2022

Don Keith N4KC to exhibit amateur radio books at Huntsville, Alabama, Hamfest. Keith is an award-winning and bestselling author with fiction and non-fiction books published on a variety of subjects. But he is also a long-time and active ham radio operator and has written four books on the hobby, primarily aimed at those with an interest in joining the ranks. 

Keith will be attending one of the country's largest get-togethers for ham radio enthusiasts, the Huntsville Hamfest, at Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama, on August 20 and 21, selling and signing his amateur radio works as well as books in other genre. CLICK HERE to learn more about the event.

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