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I enjoy writing articles about various aspects of the amateur radio hobby. It often helps me to learn if I write as I research these various topics of interest. At the same time, I try to post the articles and short stories (folks sure seem to enjoy those!) on,, or other ham radio sites in the hopes that they may help others--and especially newcomers--learn more about our wonderful hobby. I appreciate comments and feedback on any of the articles.

Some of these articles--plus many more--are now available in book form in my various works published about the hobby. Visit HERE to learn more. 

If you are a ham radio club newsletter editor or provide content for an amateur radio club web site, please see my note below about reprinting or reposting any of these articles.


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All articles are copyrighted, but permission is granted to reproduce any of them for non-profit use. Please notify me prior to such use at or  

I especially encourage clubs or other amateur radio web sites to pass them along to members and visitors.  Please use them exactly as presented here, including the copyright notice and brief bio. For print reproduction, you can, of course, convert web-linked text to the actual URL. If any images do not reproduce properly or you are not able to use them, you may remove them, their captions and any reference to the pictures within the article. 

I hope you find something you can use!




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