On the Road to Kingdom Come


'You never know what awaits you around the next curve of the interstate highway.'

 Joe Proudfoot is a truck driver and a Cherokee Indian, and he is in one big hurry to get back home. His family is falling apart and he has to get back to Oklahoma to try to put his life back together again. However, he encounters a strange series of people and events 

along the way that sidetrack his journey. At the same time, though, they set him off on a dangerous quest. Then, when he gets an ominous call from an evil source and reluctantly accepts a perilous assignment, it forces Proudfoot to confront his own limitations as well as a heritage he has so long denied. But that inevitable showdown may be the tragic end of the highway for him. Meanwhile, his wife and young son are on the road as well. She is searching for something she cannot identify as well as she unwittingly retraces the infamous Trail of Tears. This saga is at once a powerful ghost story, a moving romance, an emotional roller coaster, and an inspiring examination of how a man ultimately faces his own demons as well as his long-denied bloodlines in a life-and-death struggle to do the right thing.


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