Forever Season -- a novel about life, death and football


'I died exactly the way I lived.'  --C.P. McKay


The tragic secret of C. P. McKay's life is hinted at in the first sentence of this astonishing novel by author Don Keith. The reader, however, can hardly be prepared for what follows. This is the story of a young man who appeared to have everything going for him. He was a gifted football player. He was a brilliant student who loved poetry and literature. But his downfall began when he received a scholarship to a major university. There, C. P. found his path blocked at every turn as he tried to fulfill his desire to play the game he loved, satisfy his thirst for knowledge, and maintain his integrity. In his literary debut, Don Keith created a shocking and unforgettable tale of American campus life.




Winner of the Alabama Library Association's 1997 Fiction Award

'May rival John Grisham and 'A Time to Kill' among debut novels...'

--The Birmingham Post-Herald

Recommended for adults, high school English teachers and high school and public library collections by KLIATT.

'Keith's first person dialogue and ability to weave social, psychological, cultural, and economic issues into the storyline make THE FOREVER SEASON an entertaining piece of sports fiction. Literature classes looking for a good genre-specific book for critical analysis will find Keith's book to be a great fit.'

-- KLIATT, March 2003 (Magazine for teachers and librarians, recommended for senior high schools and adults)

'This book passes the ultimate test: it keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next.'

-- The Knoxville News-Sentinel

' Keith has taken the worst-case scenario and made it a delightful read. What he describes so well could never happen...or could it? And what an ending!'

-- WJOX Radio

'...powerful and engrossing...(the characters) are beautifully drawn by the author. The novel's conclusion hits with sledgehammer impact. His writing is hard-edged...a gripping read.'

-- The Birmingham News

'The novel's prose shines. The football sequences are as good as any written.'

-- Kirkus Reviews

' much more than a sports understated and as clearly written as the better work of Erskine Caldwell. And as shocking! How much of this book is true is a secret worth keeping.'

-- BookPage

'...the book is being favorably compared to the first works of such literary heavyweights as John Grisham. A fast-paced, funny and poignant look at coming of age...vivid characters...well-drawn witty prose...will engage readers who don't know a clip from a includes a finale that's every bit as surprising as a perfectly executed reverse.'

-- The Chattanooga Free Press

'I only wish 'The Forever Season' was longer because I hated to see it end. Don Keith obviously knows a lot about football and even more about writing.'

-- Ken Iman, National Football League All-pro, now front-office executive with the Philadelphia Eagles

' once a Southern gothic football tome, mystery, and a thriller, with a touch of the supernatural and a few twists that should keep readers guessing...a compelling original first novel.'

-- Birmingham Magazine

'Packs the emotional wallop of a 300-pound linebacker.'

-- Hattiesburg American

'You hardly have to be a football fanatic to appreciate the depth of (this book). And you certainly don't have to love sports to appreciate Keith's extraordinary way with words. There's something irresistibly page-turning about 'The Forever Season'.'

-- Huntsville Times

'(This) riveting tale told by a dead man keeps the readers turning the pages searching for the answers to 'why?' and 'how?' (Keith's) method of story-telling is as intense as a hushed crowd on a fourth and goal with two seconds to go.'

-- Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal

'Loaded with surprises...a gritty, absorbing look at the most dysfunctional family ever to produce a football hero.'

--WTBF Radio