Untold Millions

About Untold Millions

UNTOLD MILLIONS is an effort to make sure oral histories and personal accounts are captured, saved, and published so they may be available for future generations.  The UNTOLD STORIES Oral History Project began as an idea by award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith

Don has written and published many non-fiction books on World War II and Cold War history.  As part of his research for these highly-honored works, he interviewed many veterans and had access to notes, journals, and other materials, much of which was based on personal recollections or oral histories.  These accounts led to books on WWII submarines, the USS Nautilus (our first nuclear submarine and first vessel to reach the North Pole), and other important works that allow readers to experience history in an accurate, powerful, personal, and enlightening way.

Because of the success of his books, Keith has received many queries from readers who had notes, journals or manuscripts written by those who served—family members, acquaintances, or the very people who experienced history—and they were inquiring about the possibility of publishing those works in book form or somehow making them available to others.  Many are the work of people who have since passed away.  Despite their historic significance and how much they might contribute to our understanding of history, the fact is that little of this material is viable as commercially published books.  In today’s publishing environment, they simply would have little chance of attracting the interest of traditional publishing houses.

However, Keith realized that recently developed technology in on-demand printing and digital publishing—such options as Amazon.com’s on-demand book publishing arm, CreateSpace, and their e-book division, Kindle Direct Publishing, as well as Barnes & Noble’s PubIt e-book publishing service—now make it possible for such eye-witness accounts and personal experiences to be made available for a wide potential readership as well as archiving them effectively and safely.

That was the seed that has grown into the UNTOLD MILLIONS Oral History Project.

As you look at the pages of this web site, consider how you might be able to help collect, prepare and publish these personal accounts that can contribute so much to our compiling history for future study, inspiration, and enlightenment.  And please direct others to this site so they may help, too.  We recognize that many will not be comfortable gathering, editing or publishing this material, but we hope you will contact those who might be to assist you.  We must not allow this eye-witness history to die!

Finally, we hope you will keep us informed about your efforts and give us any ideas or suggetions. 

There are UNTOLD MILLIONS of stories that need to be preserved for posterity.  We must try to capture as many of them as we can!

For more details beyond what is available on this web site, download Don Keith's book for Kindle and other e-readers titled "UNTOLD MILLIONS: HOW YOU CAN CAPTURE AND SAVE EYEWITNESS HISTORY.