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I enjoy writing articles about various aspects of the amateur radio hobby. It often helps me to learn if I write as I research these various topics of interest. At the same time, I try to post the articles and short stories (folks sure seem to enjoy those!) on,, or other ham radio sites in the hopes that they may help others--and especially newcomers--learn more about our wonderful hobby. I appreciate comments and feedback on any of the articles.

Some of these articles--plus many more--are now available in book form as RIDING THE SHORTWAVES: EXPLORING THE MAGIC OF AMATEUR RADIO by Don Keith N4KC.  Visit for details or to see a sample.

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NOTE: These articles open in separate windows.  There is a PRINT button at the end of each to allow for easy printing.  All articles are copyrighted, but permission is granted to reproduce any of them for non-profit use.  I especially encourage clubs or other amateur radio web sites to pass them along to members and visitors.  I DO appreciate them being credited to "Don Keith N4KC" and with a link to  Thank you!


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