Latest Historical Non-Fiction

  • The Ship that Wouldn't Die

    One of the most inspiring sea stories of World War II, the Japanese attack on the American oiler USS Neosho and the gutsy crew’s struggle for survival as their slowly sinking ship drifted—lost, defenseless, and alone—on the treacherous Coral Sea.

    "...A satisfying narrative with deep human interest and cliffhanger appeal."  -- World War II Magazine

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Latest Biography

  • Mattie C's Boy: The Shelley Stewart Story

    Mattie C.'s Boy is the remarkable, true story of a man who overcame a childhood of abuse, racism and heartbreak to become a highly-honored broadcaster, human rights spokesperson, and successful businessman.

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Latest Fiction

  • The Spin

    Don Keith's latest novel, THE SPIN, tells the story of one man's desperate spin of the roulette wheel in Las event that becomes so much more than just a foolish gamble...for him and for thousands of others who follow his quest to fulfill a long-held dream.

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Latest Military Thriller...and soon-to-be major motion picture

  • Firing Point

    FIRING POINT...the new thriller by Don Keith and CDR George Wallace (USN retired)...and soon to be a major motion picture (working title: HUNTER KILLER)!  Now available in mass market paperback, audio and e-book wherever books are sold.

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Latest Military Thriller #2

  • Dangerous Grounds

    A Naval Academy midshipman, a SEAL team, and the crew of a stolen submarine must stop terrorists bent on bringing down a nuclear holy war on mankind…and it takes place in the region designated on navigational charts for centuries as the Dangerous Grounds

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A Message from Don Keith

Author Don Keith
I’ve written more than two dozen books on subjects in which I am naturally interested. Thankfully, enough readers share these interests that publishers keep allowing me to do so. My works, both fiction and non-fiction, are on topics such as World War II and nuclear submarines, military history, college football, writing and publishing, NASCAR, broadcasting, amateur radio, biographies and more. Click on a book cover above or visit the WORKS page to see more.

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Latest Events

  • August 20 - 21, 2016
      Huntsville, Alabama -  Huntsville Hamfest  -  Don will be signing books in Von Braun South Hall at table #245.  Books available will include the three latest Amateur Radio publications as well as fiction and non-fiction titles.
  • July 30, 2016
    HamQuest 2016 - Lebanon, Tennessee.  Wilson County Fairgrounds.  8 AM - 4 PM.  Amateur radio event. Don will be signing all Ham Radio books.
  • June 10 and 11, 2016
    Secret City Festival, Oak Ridge, Tennessee  TENTATIVE  Don will be in the booth of the Smoky Mountain Base of United States Submarine Veterans, meeting visitors and signing books during hours in which the event is open to the public  
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Latest Media

  • Article
    Star of upcoming movie based on Don Keith's and George Wallace's book FIRING POINT prepares for role on actual U.S...
  • Article
    Prolific Author Don Keith Receives Prestigious Bill Leonard Professional Media Award.   The American Radio Relay League’s prestigious Bill Leonard Professional Media Award for 2015 has been given to Don Keith N4KC.  Keith is not only a best-selling author and former award-winning broadcaster and journalist but he is also an active Amateur Radio operator.  Keith was selected by the League’s Board of Directors from among nominees for the print award for his article about the attractions of the hobby which appeared in The American Legion magazine.  (The article is available on-line at: ) Read the ARRL announcement article with more info HERE. The award was created as a tribute to the late CBS News President Bill Leonard, W2SKE...
  • Audio
    February 7, 2016 - Don was an interview guest on the ICQ Amateur Radio podcast...
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