Latest Historical Non-fiction

  • The Indestructible Man

    Dixie Kiefer was a true World War II hero. First man to fly an airplane off a ship at night. XO on the carrier Yorktown at Coral Sea and Midway. Skipper of Ticonderoga when she came under brutal attack by Japanese kamikaze planes. Star in an Academy Award-winning motion picture. Through it all, he performed coolly and heroically, leading his men through hell and back. But “Captain Dixie” was much more. 

    Now, for the first time, Don Keith and David Rocco tell the full story of this pioneering hero who inspired not only the men with whom he served but an entire nation at war.

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Hollywood update..soon-to-be major motion picture

  • Firing Point

    FIRING POINT...the best-selling thriller by Don Keith and CDR George Wallace (USN retired)...and soon to be a major motion picture (under the title: HUNTER KILLER)!  Now available in mass market paperback, audio and e-book wherever books are sold.

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Latest Military Thriller

  • Dangerous Grounds

    A Naval Academy midshipman, a SEAL team, and the crew of a stolen submarine must stop terrorists bent on bringing down a nuclear holy war on mankind…and it takes place in the region designated on navigational charts for centuries as the Dangerous Grounds

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Latest Fiction

  • The Spin

    Don Keith's latest novel, THE SPIN, tells the story of one man's desperate spin of the roulette wheel in Las event that becomes so much more than just a foolish gamble...for him and for thousands of others who follow his quest to fulfill a long-held dream.

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Latest Biography

  • Dream On

    Steve R. Skipper is a brilliant painter with works hanging in impressive venues worldwide. He is also a former Crip, his gang's drug debt enforcer. His transition from vicious gang member to salvation is one of the most inspiring stories you will ever read. Contains color reproductions of many of his works. 

    "God has blessed Steve R. Skipper with both artistic talent and a spiritual sensitivity. He has captured God's miracle."

    -- Civil Rights icon and former Ambassador Andrew Young

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A Message from Don Keith

Author Don Keith
I’ve written more than two dozen books on subjects in which I am naturally interested. Thankfully, enough readers share these interests that publishers keep allowing me to do so. My works, both fiction and non-fiction, are on topics such as World War II and nuclear submarines, military history, college football, writing and publishing, NASCAR, broadcasting, amateur radio, biographies and more. Click on a book cover above or visit the WORKS page to see more.

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