Final Bearing, a rip-snortin' nuclear submarine adventure


"This team spins a great tale."
-- W.E.B. Griffin, author of the bestselling Brotherhood of War series and many others





FINAL BEARING, co-written by Don Keith and CDR. George Wallace, USN (ret), a former nuclear submarine captain, takes the reader aboard a nuclear submarine as she and her crew battle a vicious South American drug lord.

Juan de Santiago is not only a billionaire coca grower, he is also a deranged revolutionary; the commander of the most powerful private army in South America. Backed by power-hungry rogue nations who supply him with the latest weaponry, de Santiago devises a plan that will dishearten the American anti-drug effort and make him El Jefe once and for all. A successful soldier in Florida's antidrug war, Tom Kincaid is an expert on Colombia, with connections that lead directly to Juan de Santiago himself. But when U.S. politicians demand a publicity-driven drug bust, they blow the cover of Kincaid's carefully crafted network, leaving most of his informants dead, and get the DEA agent exiled to the relative backwater of Seattle.

Commander Jonathan Ward and his crew on the old attack sub Spadefish are on one last mission. They are to launch a strike that will put de Santiago and his empire out of business for good. They are getting help from Bill Beaman and his SEAL team, who are searching for the secret laboratories of de Santiago. Following deep jungle trails and hiking the lofty mountains of the ancient Inca Empire, they are intent on driving a stake through the heart of de Santiago's drug empire.

But there is a leak in the Colombian government. Beaman and his SEALs are being stalked. From the old highways of the Incas to the plush haciendas of the drug lords, guerrilla armies are lurking, striking out at those who threaten their lucrative trade. And at the same time, a futuristic mini-sub leaves Colombia. Destination: Seattle. And it is loaded with the most lethal, addictive substance known to man.




"Not since Ned Beach have readers been treated to such a marvelous blend of authentic submarining and great storytelling. Readers will gladly lose sleep reading this one...a magnificent achievement."

-- John J. Gobbell, author of When Duty Whispers Low and The Last Lieutenant


"(FINAL BEARING) is a rip-snorting submarine adventure as up-to-date as tomorrow's headlines."
-- Stephen Coonts, author of Flight of the Intruder, Hong Kong, and a total of nine New York Times bestsellers.


"Riveting; you won't want to put it down. Too close to the truth. Wallace and Keith achieve a winner..."
-- George Emery, Vice Admiral, USN (ret), Former Commander, Submarine Force, US Atlantic Fleet


"Don Keith and George Wallace take you to the heart of the action as America fights a secret battle in a brilliantly portrayed South American setting. This team spins a great tale."
-- W.E.B. Griffin, author of the bestselling Brotherhood of War series and many others


"Compelling characters, exciting plot, exotic settings, and a fascinating use of military technology combine to make Commander Wallace's and Mr. Keith's book a rousing blockbuster of a story."
-- Robert Vaughn, author of Touch the Face of God


"Submarine enthusiasts will find satisfaction in the tale of the last patrol of the aging USS Spadefish. Do Captain Jonathan Ward and his submarine have what it takes for one more crucial mission? Authors Keith and Wallace take you along to find out while weaving in parallel stories that round out this entertaining book. An engaging read!"
-- Don Gentry, Webmaster,


"...a full quota of vivid combat scenes...and if you are aware of what sailors feel when a beloved ship reaches the end of her career, the book...achieves real power. Above average for its salty breed...relax and enjoy."
-- Booklist


"The story is fast paced, exciting and one you don't want to put down until the end. A classic modern day story of man and technology in the battle of good vs. evil."
-- Homeland Defense Journal


"If you can still feel the roll of a submarine at periscope depth and the anxiety produced by a sudden alarm from the Reactor Plant Control Panel, if you still enjoy action-packed adventure and the surprises a good piece of fiction can bring to your easy chair, you'll love this saga."
-- Naval Submarine League