K8RA Iambic CW Morse Code Paddle

K8RA iambic CW paddle at N4KC shack

K8RA CW Paddle Review

by Don Keith N4KC  www.donkeith.com  www.n4kc.com

OK, so I have little basis of comparison when it comes to CW keys. My previous paddle was a 30-year-old VibroKeyer, a decent paddle, but one that has been banged around over the years and will no longer stay in good adjustment.  Before that, I used a Vibroplex bug.  That's right.  A bug.

But man! This thing really feels good and makes my fist considerably better than it actually is. It took a little getting used to, especially on "L" and "F," the two characters that gave me the toughest time on my old key, but after I got used to it not dancing all over the desk and having to constantly be re-adjusted like my old key, it was a breeze.

It was packed very well and required only very slight adjustment before it felt right for me. I really did not need to tweak it at all as I get used to how much more sensitive to touch this fine instrument is. I can't imagine anything being any smoother...including those costing five and six times more. I got the rosewood finger pieces, too, and the whole kit is a thing of beauty.

Finally, I'd like to thank Jerry K8RA for taking time to speak patiently with my daughter, who had no idea what she was ordering me for Christmas (I'd left the website pages in a conspicuous place so she and her mom would find them!). She was very impressed with his helpfulness.


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