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Amateur Radio Station N4KC -- Don Keith

Amateur Radio N4KC -- Don Keith



I have enjoyed the hobby of amateur radio for over 50 years...since I was 13 years old...and have held the callsign N4KC since the mid-1970s. To me, it is almost the perfect hobby since it meshes so well with so many other avocations. And the hobby, for me, was partly responsible for a long career in broadcasting and advertising. This site is my attempt to help others learn about ham radio and sample its many facets. I hope the articles and links will encourage others to explore and learn, and maybe get hooked on the magical world of ham radio just as I did...a hobby now even more vibrant than ever!

Feel free to send me an email with questions or suggestions. And, as we say in ham radio, "73," which means, "Best regards!"

Click on tabs above to see info about the books I write, including my several about amateur radio, or GO TO MY AUTHOR WEB SITE to see more.  There are also links above to amateur radio resources, reviews of gear, and a bunch of articles and fictional pieces that I have written about our wonderful hobby and how you can get the most from it.


(The image at the top-right is of N4KC's former setup for Straight Key Night, an annual New Year's Eve event that pays homage to the early days of amateur radio.  Stations use vintage or unusual equipment for "ragchews" in Morse code.  That Morse key in the photo is a World War II vintage Lionel J-38 straight key that once belonged to my dad, WA4AZJ, now what we term a "Silent Key," a ham who is deceased.

To the left is me at my current station set-up: Kenwood TS-590S, Ameritron AL-811 amp, and MFJ-998 auto-tuner.)

40 Red Stick Road, Indian Springs Village, Alabama 35124 -- Shelby County -- Grid: EM63oh
Co-ordinates: 33.315662 N / 86.807244 W