"...entertaining and informative...eminently readable  by youth or adult, it covers the waterfront, from why Amateur Radio, at 100 years of age, remains fun and relevant...and more to  the point, what you need to enjoy and explore ham radio's magic."  --Rick Lindquist, WW3DE, in QST Magazine

Amateur radio book RIDING THE SHORTWAVES by Don Keith N4KC


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This book is fantastic, IMHO!  If you have someone that you know is thinking of becoming a Ham, has inclinations about becoming a Ham, or is actively studying to become a Ham, or recently became a Ham, direct them to this book!   I wish this book was out 34 years ago when I first got started.”    --Larry Makoski W2LJ 


"RIDING THE SHORTWAVES is really for everyone - new and old hams alike will learn from it, laugh and cry with it.  For those who are perhaps on the fence or considering becoming involved in amateur radio, this is the book to read.  And for those just curious about this hobby, this book will give the best answers possible."    --W5HLP


"...moving short stories and practical advice..."
The hobby of amateur (or ham) radio is now 100 years old, but like technology in general, this pastime has evolved tremendously, not only keeping pace with the times but often leading the way, just as it has since its beginning. In this book, a unique blend of lighthearted, amusing and moving short stories, practical advice, and informed opinion, best-selling author and active amateur radio operator Don Keith (call sign N4KC) shows those interested in joining the "tribe" of amateur radio enthusiasts as well as newcomers to the hobby and old hands, too, just how magical and exciting it can be.
"...the opportunity to explore as deeply as and in any direction desired..."
With more than 700,000 licensees in the USA and well over a million worldwide, ham radio is bigger and more vibrant than ever, and has experienced tremendous growth with the advent of digital communications, software-defined and computer controlled radios, space technology and more. As Keith notes in this book, those who think the Internet, smart phones, and Facebook have made the hobby obsolete are sorely mistaken. Like the booming Maker Faire and "hacker" movements, this hobby offers the opportunity to explore as deeply as and in any direction desired. Similarly, hams are able to combine radio with many other activities like RVing, model building, astronomy, hiking, sailing, weather spotting, and more. Keith's book, written in an entertaining and easy-to-understand style, gives myriad practical, real-world examples.
"...ranging from rock stars to astronauts..."
Also, today's ham radio does not necessarily require a strong knowledge of electronics, although Keith shows how young people getting into the hobby can segue into a career in such areas as engineering, cellular communications, broadcasting, computers and more. Whether the reader's interest is designing electronic gear, meeting new people around the world (ranging from rock stars to astronauts aboard the International Space Station), helping with emergency communications, experimenting with antennas, digital modes, or satellites (yes, there are amateur radio satellites in orbit right now!), or other exhilarating aspects of ham radio, Keith demonstrates how anyone can experience the magic of this amazing pastime.
"...join all the adventure and magic of riding the shortwaves..."
NOTE: This book makes a perfect gift, too, for anyone considering getting a ham license and joining all the adventure and magic that is there when they are ready to ride the shortwaves.  No particular knowledge of electronics or computers is necessary to be licensed and to enjoy the hobby.


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Jimmy Gill was only a child when he discovered radio and the wild, new rock and roll music it brought into his home. And, at an early age, he was accidentally immersed in radio's second "golden age" himself, becoming one of the dee jays who were re-inventing the medium on the fly, fighting off the threat of television in the fifties and sixties.

This book parallels the rise of broadcast radio and its ultimate corruption, which almost ends Jimmy Gill's mastery of the medium.  But then, with the help of his engineer friend and partner (and a ham radio operator) and the woman he loves, he returns to radio's roots...just in time.

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"WIZARD OF THE WIND is a compelling novel that anyone who listens to the radio should read."
-- RADIO INK Magazine

"It's rare when nostalgia, a flair for storytelling and suspense come together in a single novel. Keith pulls it off with a practiced ear for the sound of the South. A classic rags-to-riches story...Keith writes with enthusiasm and energy."  -- Scripps Howard News Service


Best-selling author Don Keith's amateur radio call sign is N4KC. Visit his ham radio web site HERE.